Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I want to play...

Theron, over on My Dice Are Older Than You discusses games he would like to play.  He lists roleplaying games, but I thought I would list some of the many games I would like to play, roleplaying and otherwise. These are not in any particular order.

World of Darkness RPG
Reading many blog posts about WoD has piqued my curiosity.  I really want to play a Created, or more specifically a Wretched, from Promethean: the Created source book.

Rolemaster: The Standard System RPG
One of my favorite fantasy RPGs of all time.  I like the system.  Yes, character generation can be glacial, but once that's done; I find everything else about the system to be fairly smooth going.  Unless of course the gamemaster doesn't know what they are doing; then you might as well be playing Uno.

Champions/Hero System RPG
Champions is another favorite of mine, and I've played in, and ran a few campaigns. I mean what's more fun than picking up a car and smashing it on a supervillain?  One thing that bugged me was that my players always made the stupidest superheros.  Roachman was a giant humanoid cockroach, with super strength.  Quiche Lorraine, was a speedster cook, who threw explosive quiches.  I could go on, but now my brain hurts.  These players really ruined the genre for me for a while...

A Weird West RPG/Skirmish Miniature Game ( System ? )
I used to read Heavy Metal Magazine, and one of the regular series I really enjoyed was Tex Arcana, which was quite a weird west.  I'm not sure which system I would want to play in...  More research needed...

All Things Zombie Skirmish Miniature Game

Cosmic Encounters: the "Board Game"
"I'm a giant alien Brain!"
I never owned a copy of this game, but a friend did, and we played this game so much the box wore out, and he had to keep all the components in a cookie tin.  ( He had almost all of the expansions. )  This is one game that I never grew tired of playing.  There is an online version that I've played a few times, but unless you subscribe to the game the options as to what alien you play are limited.  A company has recently rereleased CE, and I really want a copy.

Traveller RPG
Traveller was one of the first games I ran as a GM.  I also played in a couple of campaigns.  It was fun, and being a more "mature" gamer I would like to play again; even if it's only a play by post campaign.

Gamma World RPG ( Both the old and the new... )
"I'm a giant mutant braaaaaaaaiiiiin!"  That's also got tentacles, and is clutching a Popeye Gumball Machine.  "Thanks for the gumball Popeye... thanks for the gumball!"

Call of Cthulu RPG
"It's a giant braaaaaaaaaaaiiiiin! RUN!!! It's got tentacles! Aaaaaiiiiieeeeee!"  Actually I may have played once or twice, but the passing of so much time and maybe the loss of a few sanity points makes my episodic memory so unreliable...

Necromunda: Skirmish Miniature Game
This is one of two Games Workshops games I have played.  I also ran a Necromunda league at a comic book and game store.  Man, that was a pain in the arse.  I actually had my entire gang painted, and built quite a bit of terrain for the game. Funny thing is, well not so funny at the time, is that I LOST every game I played.  My gang list wasn't so good I guess.  Eventually, I sold it all on eBay, and made a little profit.

I guess BattleTech is a skirmish level minaiture game?  Dunno, but I played it a few times.  I believe my brother owned it, and we always just used the cardboard stand ups.  As I remember there was quite a bit of stuff to keep track off, like heat, etc...  Sheeesh, maybe I don't really want to play this again.  On a side note there used to be a place in Dallas where you could sit in a "cock pit" and pilot a mech, and play against other people.  "Death from above!" Tons of fun.

Superhero Genre Skirmish Miniature Game ( System ? )
Yeah, something fun, rules lite, but still with all the car smashing, krash kapowing, and zoooooming, that's so vital to the superhero genre.

I could go on... Car Wars, Ogre, GURPS, Magic the Gathering CCG ( Hey, I figured I better put on CCG in the list. ), Mage Knight, etc.  I don't know why, but I'm not too keen on D&D, AD&D, or any of the retroclones right now.  Maybe, I've just been reading too many blogs about them.

Also, I know I'm not interested in any of the MMORPGs.  I used to play Ultima Online, and a little City of Villains.  I have never played WoW.

Maybe next time I will list the games I never want to play again.  EVER!

On an editorial note, I plan on trying to finish out the year by posting everyday.  Hopefully, the computer will cooperate with me.  Otherwise, I may invent a new game called, 'SMASH the Tower!'  Also, anybody know where I can get a Popeye Gumball Machine???


  1. Good list. Aside from D&D I also have Call of Cthulhu and Hollow Earth Expedition on my list of RPG's I have played or want to play. I'm one of those gamers that won more rulebooks than games I play. Distractions abound - wargames and mini painting in particular.

  2. You've got some great games on that list. I have the Promethean pdf, but need to give it a read. Anyone who tackled that would be one hell of a role-player. Fascinating concept, though.

  3. @Christian, yeah it would be a challenge to play a Created, especially a Wretched, but one I would want to attempt. I've already got a fairly good concept, and only need to flesh it out, and I think it would work. If it was too difficult then the character could be retired, i.e move on, which fits in with that type of character anyway.