Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Sand Elemental, an Idea, and This and That...

Frustrations abound today.  I've been trying to upload pictures to eBay, but I have had no success.  It must either be the lousy bandwidth or this computer. I can upload pictures to blogger with no problems.

Exploring different games on the Internet, I thought of a cool idea, at least to me anyway.  I'm calling it Junk Planet Wars.  It's kind of a hybrid RPG/miniature skirmish rules system.  It has a very specific setting, yeah, a junk planet.  A forgotten world where hundreds of civilizations dump their refuse.  Sometimes that includes sentient beings.  If you have to use an escape pod, and abandon a starship, if this is the nearest planet, you are screwed.  Rescue is just about impossible.  It's kind of like Necromunda, except it's above ground in a giant junk yard.  The rules would encourage scratch building your vehicles, and giant robots to defend your territory.  There's safety in numbers so gangs, factions, and groups form for protection and sharing knowledge.

The photo above is really cool. I thought of a sand elemental when I first saw it. I don't know if there are stats or descriptions of a sand elemental out there, but in my imagination they would be able to take forms like above. Unless they're angry, then I would imagine they turn into whirling vortexes of abrasive death.

It's also how I imagine King Viphtry would look like. Sort of...

Tomorrow I start the Reader's Choice Challenge.  First topic up?  I'm not sure.  You'll find out tomorrow...


  1. I dug the concept of a junk planet as presented in the HOL (human occupied landfill) role-playing game and in film via "Soldier." I love me some planet-sized junkyards!

  2. Ooh, the sand elemental could have two shticks, either the whirlwind of abrasive death, or shaping itself into sand sculptures kind of like a mimic, blending in among the sandstone of desert ruins.

    I also love the idea of them looking like sultans made of sand in their natural form.

    If you don't stat that sucker up I will...

  3. Big Fella, feel free to stat the sand elemental up.

    Christian, is HOL a RPG I don't know about? Yeah, Soldier was awesome. I'm really going to work on this. It will be a lot cheaper than trying to replace Necromunda. Dang that stuff is going for good prices on eBay.

  4. @Christian - Never mind. I found Hol on Wikipedia via a google search. Some kind of comedy/parody RPG.

  5. Don't forget Gorkamorka. It used the same basic mechanics as Necromunda, but with Orks and vehicles. It wasn't a junk planet, but the space hulk the Orks were travelling in crashed and left scrap all over.