Friday, December 3, 2010

The Dragonry? A Brief Editorial Comment, and Zorro Rides Again!

The caption reads, 'HIGH STREET DRAGONRY OPENDAY 19 AUGUST 1929'.  My question is... what the heck do they sell???  I've been trying to find out, doing a bit of Internet research, but I have had no luck.  It's really frustrating me...  Anyone out there in the blogosphere know?

Yeah, sure I could use my imagination, and come up with all sorts of cool, weird, or even logical reasons for this stores existence, but before I do that... I want to know what they really sold.

A Brief Editorial Comment
I've noticed that quite a few bloggers are discussing social interaction rules, and is has something to do with making D&D more like Dogs In the Vineyard?  Meh... I haven't been following that closely, and really don't want to take the time.  What I want to say is that, play the way you want to play, and if you and your players are happy and having fun then WOOT!  All is good.

Yes, discussing rules can be helpful, and the back and forth in the blogs can be very synergistic, and it can really help to get someone else's opinions.  Just remember that in the end it's about you, and your players.  Not someone that runs games in a another state, or half way around the world.  If some blogger posts about something you've written, and says it's wrong and their rules are right, I laugh at them.  In a nutshell, play, design, hack, rewrite, mutate rules, games, and campaigns to your hearts content, other bloggers can have their opinions, but in the end it doesn't matter.  To reiterate, if you're having fun , and your players are having fun, then be happy.

I've been watching Zorro Rides Again, the Republic Serial.  It's better than I thought it would be.  I expected it to be about a swashbuckling Zorro, but this is a great grandson of the original Zorro, and while he still uses a whip, he also has six-shooters.  It's almost like Zorro in the wild west, but there are also cars and planes, but mostly they ride horses.  One great part is where the bad guys use a plane to try and bomb a plane. They fail, and Zorro gets off a good shot with a rifle, and the train robbery is thwarted.

I did notice in the eight chapters I've watched that they reuse footage quite a bit.  Yeah, a money saving technique that movie making in early Hollywood favored.  ( Anyone else remember the African native in the Tarzan movies?  The one that fell of a cliff, the SAME cliff in every movie, at least that I can remember... )  There are also quite a few explosions.

I guess Zorro has some sort of a partial Code Against Killing.  He had several chances to get rid of the bad guy, but he always let him go, or the guy makes his escape.  It sure would save him a lot of trouble if he would just freaking off El Lobo.  ( Not the most original villain name, but hey, it was 1937. ) I mean this gang is ruthless, they even killed a kid!  Zorro should take the kid gloves off, this gang is slaughtering people right and left.  Anyway, I am enjoying it, and there's some clever writing.  Yeah, I was surprised.

Zorro Rides Again got me to thinking about a different Zorro.  A descendant that lives a few hundred years in the future, and decides he needs to fight the corruption on a frontier planet.  What sort of weapons would he use?  Some kind of force saber?  A Neural Whip?  Does he have cybernetic implants?  It might make an interesting campaign. even if it's just a short one.

Okay, enough for tonight.  So far I'm keeping up with the whole 'post every day in December' thing.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. "What I want to say is that, play the way you want to play, and if you and your players are happy and having fun then WOOT! All is good."

    Stop making sense.


  2. The photo comes from a website that seems to be about a craft-making how-to book, Dad Can Do:

    A photoshop job. I was eventually able to track this down by searching for 'dragonolia' which is over the door, and waded through tons of results about teenage dragon fetishists. Something to do with Harry Potter, I guess.


  3. It figures it would be an altered photo. Funny, that never occured to me. Thanks Spawn of Endra.