Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gallery of Fun

I found the above picture on someone else's blog, but I can't remember which blog.  I remember they got from it somewhere else themselves.  Anyway, I "borrowed" it, and now that I have better graphic capabilities I was finally able to create the goofiness above.

Thumb-sucker is obsessed with sending out memos to his fellow giant mutant babies.
I made this to put on a facebook page I created called, The Ultra-top Secret Organization for Taking Over the World.  It was actually an experiment in "stealth role playing", which didn't work out, and I think facebook deleted the page.

Z is for zombie robot.
Anyone else remember these?  These were stickers that came with a package of Topps Trading Cards.  The cards were old movie monster stills with funny captions.  I spent many hours looking over those things.  The cards are long gone, but I still have all the stickers.  I need to see if I have the full alphabet.


  1. Stealth role playing sounds like fun. Would we ever find out we'd been doing it?

    I did laugh at both jokes.

  2. The OEF, perhaps?

    Never had any of the Topps Monster alphabet, but I did have the Empire Strikes Back ones. Not as cool though.

  3. biopunk, No, I don't think it's from OEF. The blog I got it from had a bunch of other Conan book covers. Plus, I left a comment about the covers.