Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday... Monday...

It's Monday, and I have no motivation at all.  Hopefully trying to get this post written will jump start me.  Good grief it's already after 2 PM. 

Now it's almost 8 hours later!  I had to stop and make veggie soup, and then I had to tackle the most horrific job this time of year.  I would rather face a horde of zombies than do this task.  I had to untangle the strings of Christmas lights, and test them.  Then take out broken bulbs, and generally curse about how Christmas is really too much trouble.  I even managed to shock myself.  I laughed, and then I did it again.  Oh well...  Now that I think about it, the past couple of weeks I've managed to shock myself a number of times.  One was a really good jolt!  Heh... maybe I'm a Promethean.

Over at Beyond the  Black Gate , Al has some charts for PC Events that occur between adventures.  Interesting idea, and you could even use them as plot hooks.

The next blog I want to highlight is not a gaming blog, but it might have some information that would be useful, or at least inspirational to gamers, and game designers and writers.  It's Beachcombing's Bizzare History Blog, and this post has some information about an interesting mythogical creature.  Check it out.

Before I go I have a quick question.  Anyone remember an RPG called Aftermath! ?  I'm about to do a quick Internet search, but I thought I would throw it out to my readers.


  1. Remember it, never played it though. So I guess that's probably not of much use :)

  2. Yeah, I found it, and it seems to be popular.

  3. Played it a couple of times in the '80s. Premise was good - Mad Max was good source material - but the rules were for sad, lonely people with no social lives and included fiendishly complicated formulae to work out stats that hardly ever entered play. Bushido suffered from the same problem, where RPG morphed into Life Simulation.