Monday, December 6, 2010


Wow, this guy has a funky helmet.

Aftermath!  This was probably the second post-apocalyptic game published. ( However, I could be wrong, I'm not much of a game historian. )  It was released in 1981 by FGU.   The game and and the adventures are available at, and they are all reasonably priced.  However, I would prefer a hard copy, and plan on keeping an eye out on eBay.  It's probably going to be a tough one to find, for a reasonable price.

I'm not sure what got me to thinking about this game.  I had long since forgotten about it.  I think the shocks I received earlier today must have reactivated some long disused brain cells or something.  Anyway, I started thinking about it, and was wondering if it was really a game, or if I was just imagining it.  I decided to check the wonderful Internet for any information I could find about the game.

I was delighted to discover it wasn't a figment of my warped imagination, and did actually exist.  In fact, according to some comments about it on Pen & Paper, people still play and enjoy the game.  I have a vague, misty memory of having played it, and now that I think about it more; I'm sure a friend of mine owned it.  Now I have another game to acquire.  The list keeps getting longer...


  1. I'm a big fan of Aftermath! Though I wouldn't play the game today, I still use it as the excellent resource of the genre that it is. Good luck on your search!

  2. I actually found some of the box sets. Not to badly priced either. Now I just hope they stay where they are until I can afford them!

  3. BTB it's overly complex as written but an experienced GM can figure out how to make use of it to their benefit in running a gritty post apocalyptic campaign as there is a heap of goodies in Aftermath.
    It's available in pdf format on drivethrurpg along with a number of supplements