Thursday, December 16, 2010

Theme-less Thursday

Is having no theme a theme?  Anyway, if you haven't read my post from yesterday, ( I requested ideas for topics for next weeks posts ), why don't you go read it now?  I promise I will wait for you...

Finished?  All right!  You have until sometime on Sunday to leave me a comment with your suggestion for a post.  Go on!  It'll be fun!

Now, let's talk a little about NPC reactions.  With all the discussion in the blogosphere about social interaction, I was trying to refresh my memory about how different systems handle NPC reactions, and  I was flipping through GURPS Third Edition, and found the NPC Reaction Table, ( pages 204-205 ). 

The first paragraph has something very interesting...
When the players meet an NPC whose reaction to them is not predetermined, the GM makes a "reaction roll" on three dice.
So if you've planned ahead, and written the adventure out, you should know how certain NPCs are going to react, and no rules are needed.  If it's some unexpected, random encounter then the chart and modifiers come into play.

I really think social interaction rules shouldn't have to be complicated.  The GURPS NPC reaction modifiers and table are fairly straightforward, and easy to use.  In fact I think it would be possible to use the same table in another game. 

The chart covers these situations: general reaction, potential combat situation, commercial transactions, requests for aid, requests for information, and loyalty.  This covers a lot of ground!

The missing camera has been found, and I have decided to auction off my Ral Partha Ogre miniatures, i.e. the Steve Jackson Games Ogre Game.  Not sure if I'm going to do it as one large lot, or do each one separately.  I couldn't find any of these on eBay, so I'm not sure what the resale market is like.  The nice thing is that I got these with store credit, I had traded in some old gaming modules, many, many years ago at a game store.

Tomorrow's theme will be... ???  Footwear? Fright?  Freaky fuzzballs?  Foolish fighters?

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  1. Unrelated to your post, but I dropped a zine and a CD in the mail to you today. Enjoy!