Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Only three days left...

Since there are only three days left in this year,  I've decided to finish out the year blogging in a carefree kind of way.  I'm not going to worry about content too much over the next couple of days.  There's plenty of time for serious posts and great gaming content next year.  The Reader's Choice Challenge kind of burnt me out to tell you the truth.  I enjoyed it, but it was difficult at times.

I picked up a copy of the Rolemaster Standard Rules from the used book store the other day with some of my sparse Christmas cash, they were having a 20 percent off sale, so I got it for less than nine dollars.  It's in good shape, the cover is kind of wonky, but that doesn't matter.  The interior is almost pristine, and I'm going to de-spine it anyway to put in a three ring binder, and tab it for easy reference.  Now all I need are Arms Law, Spell Law, and Creatures & Treasures, and I can get started on my new RM sandbox campaign.  I know many people don't like RM, but I do.  And you know what?  That's what matters.  Plus, if I can get my old gaming group together they like also like RM, and even if it's only once a month that would be good.

Does this mean I wouldn't play somethig old school?  No, I just have a hankering for some RM, and since I'm probably going to have to run the game, it might as well be something I'm used to running.  I'm probably going to prep some stuff for AD&D 1E or LL, just in case, but it won't be a priority.  I know I won't be running any D&D 4E.  I would like to run the new Gamma World, and maybe the old Gamma World, but that's not a priority either.  Oh yeah, the used book store has some of the new WoD books as well, and for decent prices.  Although I imagine by the time I can get them they will be gone.  The Dr. Who RPG is still there, but I feel it's priced waaaaaay too high, as well as one of the modules.  $55 for a module???  Sheeesh.

So as 2010 takes it's last breaths, I look forward to 2011!


  1. Wow! That must be a heck of a module!

  2. The module costs more than the Dr. Who RPG boxed set, which wasn't cheap. IIRC, the module was Dr. Who: the Daleks. However, they did have good prices on WoD, and Hunter: the Vigil. Both in almost new condition.