Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reader's choice! You pick the topic.

The other day I decided I wanted a challenge,  and this idea popped into my head.  Next week, starting on Monday and continuing through Friday I will pick subjects that you, my esteemed reader, give me.  Then I will write about them to the best of my ability.

There's only one rule, and that is it must be in some way related to gaming.  I also have one request, and that is please be specific as possible.  For example, don't request that I write about weapons, or trolls, or whatever.  Be specific as possible.  Chances are if I don't like the subject I probably won't write about it, but you never know.

So there you have it.  Challenge me.  You have until sometime on Sunday to leave your suggestion in the comment section of this post.  That gives you a couple of days to think of something.  Spread the word!  I have 42 followers, so I hope I can get at least five suggestions.  If I get enough suggestions, I may write them down, and put them in a hat, and draw the five I'm going to write about.


  1. Bought a Call of Cthulhu figure the other day from Tengu and could do with a better explanation of the period?

  2. It may not be specific as one want, but here's a title perhaps to be developed as you wish: "When Genres Collide"

  3. Just a few ideas:
    - Placing players in situations with 1 way out. (usually involving serious consequences if they can't figure it out)
    - Players vs Instant Death (killer traps, monsters with powers that come down to 1 roll, etc)
    - The badness that is pitting players against eachother. (eg: a classic mistake when introducing characters, but other situations too)
    - Why D20 is ruining roleplaying. (aka, Remember when D&D was about building interesting characters instead of uber multiclass-feat-skill-other weird skill stuff-other weird stuff combos to turn characters into super heros?)

  4. I've still got a hankering for that treatise on iron spikes.

  5. Girls and how they figure into your worlds.