Monday, December 27, 2010

Musing On A Monday Night

My last post I discussed the end of my streak.  I also mentioned it was my 100th post, and just so there is no confusion the post on Christmas Day was the 25th consecutive post, and the 100th in totality for this blog.  My goal was to write a post every day in December.  I was sick yesterday, and the streak ended at 25.  I will finish out the month, and then plan on taking a short break.

I've written more posts in December than any other month, for a total of 36 ( including this one ).  In comparison, in November I only posted nine times.  I think the first month of the blog, March, I posted 20 times.  In the future, I may focus on quality rather than quantity.

I'm glad my readership has grown, and I've learned quite a bit from writing these posts and reading other blogs.  All in all, a good thing to be sure.

In 2010, there has been an extreme lack of gaming as a leisure activity for me.  Hopefully this will change in 2011.  One way or another it will.  On Christmas Day I talked to my brother about playing some Mage Knight, and he seemed enthusiastic about the prospect, but he's always so busy with work and travel we will see how that goes.

On a more gaming related note I plan on taking some of the Mage Knight figures, and giving them stats for Rolemaster.  I want to see how it would work as a small scale miniature skirmish game.  I like the combat in RM, and I don't think it would be to difficult once things are given stat blocks.  I'm trying to work out play balance, but perhaps there doesn't have to be play balance all of the time?  Sometimes the good guys are facing overwhelming odds.

Some of the things I want to write about next year are world building, more on creativity, communication, and a real indepth look at the different genres in gaming, and probably a post about 10 foot poles.


  1. Phew. I got right to the end without seeing it, but there it is. The rest of the future themes get me excited too. All in all, if those are your plans, I'd say 2011's shaping up to be a good one.

  2. It's good to know 10 foot poles are finally going to get their due. ;)