Wednesday, September 15, 2021

[ O.R.B. ] New Assignment

 Jeff stood outside the office door.  He nervously fidgeted with his tie.  The Director had ever summoned him before.  Knocking on the door, he began sweating bullets.  He thought he heard something, and summoning all his courage; he opened the door, peaking in.  "Sir?"

"COME IN!  Didn't you hear me?"  Stepping in and looking about; he thought the director's office would be larger.  It was sparsely furnished with a desk, a couple of chairs, a side table with what looked to be a crystal ball.

"Just barely sir... I uh..."

"Sit down.  We have things to discuss.  A very important case has been plaguing the bureau for a very long time, and I think you may be able to help out.  It would require a great sacrifice on your part...."  Jeff jumped out of the chair.  "A SACRIFICE?"

Chuckling the Director, shook his head.  "No.  Not THAT kind of sacrifice.  This case I want you to work on, may last a very long time, and in a well, very far away place.  In fact it may be a permanent relocation.  We know you no longer have any family, and not many friends.  You are perfect for this assignment."

"But sir, I am not a field agent.  I'm a researcher.  I'm better in a dusty library, not out fighting monsters...."

"Well.... we have  been having trouble recruiting field agents of late.  A competitor is paying well, and we can't currently match what they are paying, and all our other agents are on assignment.  And to be honest you might not be fighting that many monsters, if any at all.  Consider this... field research.  We will be giving you some training as well, so you won't be completely unprepared.  Oh and you will be getting a substantial raise."

"Director, where would I be relocating to?  Fidgeting nervously in his seat, Jeff had an uneasy feeling.

"Oh it's a quaint little town called Kinship...."  The Director braced himself for the next question.

"Oh sounds nice.  What state is it in?"  Smiling Jeff thought this might not be so bad.

"Uuumm..... well, that's not important just now.  You need to report to the training facilities.  There's no rush, but we have put this off for far too long now.  So get going, and pack up your desk.  Well transfer you projects to other researchers."

Jeff stood and moved to the door.  "So when do I leave?"


Jeff half ran out the door, thinking he should perhaps resign.  This assignment seemed a little sketchy, but he did feel a little excited. It would beat flipping burgers.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

[ MISC ] Gamma World

 I have been busy cleaning and organizing things, mainly because I was looking for a something.  That something being my Gamma World 1st Edition map.  However, I still have a few places to look.  I haven't had any luck, and haven't found just the map on eBay yet.  The prices of the original boxed sets are just crazy; most being priced over $200.  I don't want to pay that price just to get the map.

I would have gotten a post up earlier but I was bust creating a Gamma World 1E  character for a the mutagenic zone post.  It was fun, and plan on doing it every Mutant Monday.  I have no idea if people still play Gamma World 1E, but if I get the chance to run a campaign then I will have plenty of NPCs!

I also found my AD&D Monster Manuel  that I had purchased a couple of years ago, and it gave me an idea for the next Mutant Monday.  I'm going to mutate a monster for Gamma World.  I may do two from the book,.one of the intelligent races, and a regular monster; which should be interesting.

Anyway, enough rambling for now.   Stay safe and healthy, and keep those dice rolling!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

[ KINSHIP ] Eye of the Storm

Sherriff Rasputin walked out of his office and into the warm Spring weather.  He took a deep breath and adjusted his gun belt.  Life in Kinship had been quiet of late; for a very long time.   He should be grateful but it left him with an uneasy feeling and it left him with an uneasy feeling.  It was.... well, strange that nothing weird, bizarre, unnatural, or dangerous had occurred for.... what?  How long had it been since any walking corpses, destructive robots, giant monsters, or anything  had attacked the town?   There hadn't been many new arrivals of late either.  The last arrival had been that lady reporter, Suzan.  She had quite the tale to tell when she showed up.

Chuckling to himself he turned to head to the diner, his stomach was growling, and he was craving chili. He took a step and stopped when he heard someone calling his name from behind him.  Turning around he saw Pendleton walking quickly towards him.   He was probably trying to get in on the weekly poker game again.

Pendleton seemed happy, whihc was abnormal as he was usually morose, grumpy, and at times downright unpleasant.

"Sheriff, good to see you..."  The sheriff noticed he was carrying a stack of papers  Pendleton handed him one of them.  Quickly reading what turned out to be a flyer, he grunted.

"There's going to be a town fair?  Who's running it?  There's hasn't been one since I arrived in town.  Sure there are the fairgrounds but it's never used...."

"Well I've been talking to a few of the old timers, and there used to be one every year.  It was a big deal apparently.  People from all over attended..."

"WHAT?"  People from all over?  What people?  From where?"  Shrugging Pendleton seemed startled at the sheriff's reaction to the news. 

"I don't know sheriff.  You know as much as I do."  Walking onwards, Pendleton  called someone else's name.  The sheriff didn't notice him leaving, as he was lost in thought.  A town fair?  He was going to find out what was going on.  It may be harmless, but this was the town of Kinship, and... He lost his train of thought as sudden chill ran though his body.

Stepping off the curb he looked around, and glanced up in the sky.  A few puffy clouds, and a strange looking bird circled high above.  He looked in the direction of the fairgrounds, and saw dark storm clouds quickly rolling towards town.

"Humph...  sheesh...."He jumped at a flash of lightning and the boom of thunder.  The he heard screaming from down the street.  He started running towards the screaming as a million things ran through his mind; the main one being that the quiet times were over, and that he would have to postpone eating a bowl of chili.


It feels good to be writing again.  Writing stories about the town of Kinship is one of my favorite things to do, and despite not writing or blogging for over a decade; the Kinship characters and stories always churned away in my mind.

I need to revamp the graphic of the blog, do something new and different.  I need to check links, and other blog maintainence type things.  I'm having to relearn most of this.

My plan is still to write a novel, and hopefully a game setting based on Kinship.

Anyway, I'm glad I got this post done.  Everyone have a good one, and stay safe and healthy.


Friday, September 10, 2021

10 Years Gone.... or Back In The Saddle Again

It's been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Writing a blog again starts with one word, one sentence, one paragraph and so on....  It's been over 10 and a half years since a made a post on this blog.  Over a freaking decade.... Where did the time go? Into the past I guess....

It's late and I'm getting a little tired, but I wanted to post something, anything.  I'm glad to see blogging is still somewhat of a thing, and I have been reading some of my favorites again. I've really been into watching youtube channels.  There's so much great content, that I spend way too much time watching.  I don't even watch much real television.  A couple of shows online but that's about it.

What have I been doing for 10 years?  Just living my life.  It's been good, it's been bad,  it's even been a little crazy.  I've lost a few relatives and friends, and I'm sure many of you well.  My dice are dusty, and when times got difficult I sold all my game books.  I regret it, but it was a survival thing.  I can rebuild my collection.  It's not going to be easy, but nothing worth doing is rarely easy.

I'm 58 years young, and despite possibly catching Covid a couple of months ago I feel great.  It actually didn't seem that bad, but my mom ended up in the hospital but I stayed home.  I kicked it's ass.  I just slept a lot.  Heck, I've had worse flu.

Anyway, time for some sleep.  Stay safe, and be well.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

First of all, I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and a happy New Year's Eve celebration.  Mine was okay, and I'm kind of glad it's all finally over.  The week of Christmas was busy, which included attending a wedding the Friday after Christmas.
I've been thinking about what I wanted to do about this blog, but I think I will keep working on it, even  if my posting is infrequent.  I don't want to make any promises, or write about any ideas I have, because that seems to doom them to oblivion.  So I plan on keeping any plans I have a secret, until I can implement them.
2013 was another dry year as far as gaming goes, but I remain optimistic for gaming in 2014

The Half Price Books near me closed last year, as well as the Barnes & Noble Bookstore at the mall.  Rumor has it that Half Price Books intend to open a another store in the city, but somehow I doubt it will be close to me.  Oh well...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NaNoWriMo A Success!

Last night I exceeded the 50K word count goal for NaNoWriMo so I'm happy.  I was so engrossed in the writing that I never considered that I wouldn't reach the goal.  I never had any trouble with writers block, because of some advice I read, which was, 'Write what you would want to read.'  Which is great advice. I had a blast working on this novel, so it never seemed like work.

Most days I probably only wrote for a maximum of three hours, sometimes less, and I never had a problem reaching the word count goal.  If I had tried I could have probably reached the 50K a lot sooner, but that wasn't the point of my first attempt at NaNoWriMo.  All I wanted to do was reach that 50K mark by the end of the month. The fact that I reached it early is icing on the cake.

Of course the novel still needs work.  In fact, I'm sure I'll write many more words for it, but I've got a great start on the first draft. I've got a beginning, alot of middle and an ending.  Now all I have to do is flesh it out.  From what I understand about this process, that's what NaNoWriMo is mostly about.

The working title of my novel is, The Mozaic: Shattering the Veil.  It's a fantasy, but there are no elves, or dwarves, orcs, or other such fantasy races.  There are lizardmen, and Saurians, but the rest of the races are intelligent animals.  There's also magic, because what's a fantasy novel without fantasy?  Well, I guess it would be a fantasy novel without magic.

Anyway, me am running out of good words.  So until next time Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NaNoWriMo Update

My first attempt at NaNoWriMo is going well. As of last night, my total word count is 35,052 which puts me a couple of days ahead of schedule. So far, I haven't had any trouble with writers block, or any trouble motivating myself to write. If anything the opposite is true. I have to get up, and do other things, otherwise I might write all day.

I can't let other things go by the wayside. I also have trouble with what I call the idea dust bunnies. I came up with the name after learning about plot bunnies at the NaNoWriMo Kick-Off Party at the public library.

 Idea dust bunnies are ideas that come to you as you work on a project, but you don't have a place yet to fit them in. So they pile up, like the literal dust bunnies under your bed. There kind of annoying because I want to use them, but I just don't know when or how I will.

One of those ideas is a flower I came up with, it's called a Skull Blossom. When it closes up at night it looks like a human skull. I thought it was a good idea, but really didn't have a use for it in the novel. So one day I just started writing a section with a herbalist tending to his garden, and one of the things he does is cut off some of the Skull Blossoms to use as a healing herb. Then he sat and watched as they closed up for the night. The bonus of writing the section is that I also came up with a new, quirky character. One idea leads to another, and another... an idea cascade, or I guess an idea avalanche.

I had told one of the other writers at a Write In about the idea, and she thought it was cool. So the next Saturday at the Mid-Way Party,she asked me if she could use it in a book she is writing. Of course I said it was okay, and she wrote my full name down. So I will get credit for the idea. I really like the idea of Skull Blossoms being in more than one book.

So far NaNoWriMo has been a great experience. It's been really motivating going to the Write Ins, updating my word count on the website, and just meeting other writers. In fact I've gotten so many other things done since I started the novel. I don't sit around watching a lot of television. I'm getting things done! The sad thing it only lasts for the month, so I will probably look for a writers group to get involved in.

Once I finish the first draft, I'm not sure what I will do with the book. I thought about self publishing, probably first in an eBook format, but that's still a ways off. If I can find a publisher great if not, it's not that big a deal. I'm basically writing something I would want to read. That's probably why it's been so easy. The first draft is going to need some polishing, and I will need to make it longer. 50,000 words is a short novel.

On a side note, I finally came up with a somewhat better title:  The Mozaic - Shattering the Veil.

Well, that's all for now. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.