Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Heap Big Pile of Bones...

A pile of bison skulls circa 1870!

I found this photograph while I was searching for a good public domain graphic of a skull.  It's a frakking huge pile of bison skulls.  The skulls are going to be ground into bone meal for use as a fertilizer.  As unusual as this photo is, what I would like to see is the machine they use to grind the skulls!  I can't imagine they do it by hand, but who knows.  I also wonder what they did with the rest of the bones?  If I recall my history correctly the buffalo hunters usually only took the hides, and left the rest to rot.  I imagine the enterprising future fertilizer tycoon realized there was a fortune to be made from the bones, and had crews pick them up off the plains.

Anyway, I thought of how this could be used in a weird western campaign.  A medicine man of a mostly decimated tribe of Native Americans could use some ancient magic and animate the pile into something terrible.  A giant bone golem, or perhaps a herd of ghost bison?  Maybe a bit of both, there's quite a few bison skulls in that pile.  It's time to wreak vengeance on the white man!


  1. Maybe the white buffalo is born and calls them up from the grave for vengeance?

  2. That's a strange photo, Man at his best!!