Monday, December 6, 2010

A Dragon Versus Soldiers With Firearms

It's been a lazy Sunday, with plenty of naps between blog reading sessions.  I also finished watching another Republic Serial, "Zorro's Fighting Legion".  It wasn't as good as the first one I watched, "Zorro Rides Again", but it was okay, even if the plot was a little wonky.

The other day Christian mentioned on a blog post about something called "gun nibble", and asked about lethal gun combat in game systems.  I replied that I thought Rolemaster's Weapon Law: Firearms could be very lethal.  This in turn reminded me about something I've been wanting to try.

I want to run a one shot with a Special Ops team going up against some fantasy elements.  The main antagonist would be a dragon.  The dragon would have some orc henchman, plus one or two surprises.  I mainly want to see how the rules work, and if firearms could take out a dragon, before the dragon takes out the special ops soldiers.

The mission involves the special op team having to recover a piece of equipment, a trans-dimensional sensor probe.  A top secret government scientific group sent the probe into another dimension to gather data.  It was moved underground, and the signal is no longer being received.  The team has to be sent to the dimension to recover the device.  The only data they have is some grainy video of something very large and reptile like moving by the camera.  After that the signal is lost.  The team plans on going in armed to the teeth.

So it's going to be a highly trained special ops team versus a dragon, orcs, magic, and ?.  Who would win?  The first time I try this I want to use the Rolemaster Standard System.  Then I might try it with other systems to see how they compare.  It should be fun.

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