Thursday, December 2, 2010

More nostalgia, or "Are we having fun yet?"

"Whatcha gonna do with all those gumballs Popeye?"

After I posted the blog entry yesterday, I began wondering how many people would understand the Popeye Gumball Machine reference?  The whole idea of a giant mutant brain with tentacles clutching a Popeye Gumball Machine made me laugh.  I want to play such a character in a post apocalyptic campaign.  The giant mutant brain would be fond of saying, "Thanks for the gumball Popeye... thanks for the gumball!".If I can't play one as a character I will make one a NPC, and he will roar, "Thanks for the gumballs Popeye... thanks for the gumballs!"  Who out there in the blogosphere knows where that bit of dialogue came from? ( I found the photo here...  A cool 70's nostalgia blog. )

I decided to continue a little with yesterday's theme, and list RPGs I would like to own, or in some cases own again, but not necessarily play.

1.   Space Opera
2.   Bushido
3.   Paranoia
4.   Space Master
5.   RuneQuest
6.   Tunnels & Trolls
7.   Marvel Super Heros
8.   Twilight 2000
9.   Boot Hill
10. Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega
11. The Morrow Project ( Actually this one might be fun to play. )
12. Shadowrun

I'm sure there are quite a few others I would like to own.  I just can't recall anymore right now.  While I was doing research for this post I found a RPG database at Pen&Paper . Cool beans!  Now I can search for those games I have forgotten the names to, but played once or twice at conventions.

Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega probably would have been the third RPG I bought; if I had ever been able to find it.  The first was D&D, the second Gamma World, so the third would have been MAtO!  Instead, I believe that Traveller was the third RPG I bought.  It was the cool little black box with the digest sized books.

Anyway, time to chill out, and watch some Zorro, no not the newer movies, but the old serials.  These will either be really cool, or funny.  Hopefully, not lame.  I hate lame...

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