Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the Scroll & Skull


This post isn't part of the Reader's Choice Challenge. That post will come later tonight.  IF this computer cooperates, and doesn't go all wonky.

When I got interested in gaming again, and started exploring all the different blogs, forums, and websites I also became interested in the the whole DIY and self publishing aspect of the hobby.  I had started exploring options, the different software needed, and learning how to use the software, when my main computers hard drive died.  I had found some nice freeware/shareware programs, and was really happy with that I found.  Well, once the drive died, it put the kaboosh, at least temporarily on those endeavors.

My brother recently got a new laptop so hearing about my computer woes, he "loaned" me his.  Not as nice as the one I was using, but better than this one.  Although it only has a WiFi modem, so I still have to use this clunker to surf and post.  UGH!

I just recently started downloading the freeware again, and got most of what I was using before, mainly, and the plugins.  I couldn't get all the plugins because for some reason I couldn't download from their main forum.  Luckily I found another site, and got most of what I needed, and have been relearning how to work with the program.  The mock up of the magazine cover is the result.  It's kind of rough around the edges, but it looks okay.  Am I going to start a 'zine?  It's been on my mind for a while now, but we will see how it goes.

I had a good program for creating PDFs but for the life of me I can't recall the name of the program!  It worked really well.  I want to say it was Adobe InDesign, but that one costs money, and I know I didn't pay for the one I was using.  Anyone out there know a good PDF creator program?  However, I think I will eventually will get InDesign, but I need something to work with until then.

I happily discovered last night that I could download the Necromunda rulebook, and supplemental material off the Games Workshop site for FREE!  I'm a happy camper.  There really is a lot of great free gaming PDFs out there, like Errant RPG, and Stars Without Number.  Get them while they are still free!


  1. Don't forget Starter Traveller is free till the end of the month too.

    I hope you like Necromunda. The rulebook is a bit bare bones, but the supplementary material helps. The Eastern Fringe is a great place to find more.

    The game is great for homebrew and works brilliantly as a campaign with plenty of gangs. You can even have an overseer of sorts to run a bulletin and bring in campaign events.

  2. Porky, I used to play Necromunda when it first came out. I also ran a league at a local comicbook and game store. Thanks for the other link.

    Yup, I downloaded Traveller.

  3. PDFCreator