Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello And Goodbye Thursday, At Least Until Next Week

Today is almost over.  ( At least technically... )  I'm struggling to write a coherent blog post.  I'm kind of proud of the one I wrote yesterday, so if I whiff this one it won't bother me much.  I probably wouldn't even have attempted to write one tonight if I hadn't set the goal to write a blog post every day in December.  Yes, that includes Christmas Day as well.

Also, if I do manage to write a post for every day in December then I would be about four posts short of hitting 100.  So I'm going to try and hit that mark as well.  I also have 38 followers now, and it would be nice to hit 40 followers.  100 posts and 40 followers, two nice numbers to end the year with.

I've got some ideas for posts brewing in my brain.  Some are a little weird, like a long discourse on iron spikes, and some more relevant and hopefully more useful for gaming, like an article about traps.  I will also have more information about developing  creativity.  Of course all this could change, and I have deleted several posts that I thought were rubbish.

Every so often I check my blog stats, and under keywords someone was refered to my blog by "passenger side mirror"?!?!?!  My confusion at this is overwhelming.  I think dark forces are at work.

I'm currently reading Monster Hunter Vendetta, and it is GOOD.  It would make a great setting for a campaign.  The first book in the series is Monster Hunter International.  In fact, this may make the number one spot of campaigns I want to GM.

I'm kind of tired, so I will close with this.  If you've read this far, I congratulate you.  You deserve a prize.  No really, if I had  prizes to give out I would.

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  1. That discourse on iron spikes sounds good to me. No prize needed - it's fun to read something more stream of consciousness from time to time.