Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thank You Mr. Chaos

So today I was supposed to sell stuff at a flea market/sidewalk sale at an antique mall that my mom has a space in.  Well, I spent most of Friday, opening boxes, sorting, cleaning, pricing, and then loading up the truck.  I was good to go in the morning.

I'm up early to finish up some minor things, when it's discovered the truck keys have disappeared.  They are GONE.  So... pffffft... no sidewalk sale for me.  Instead I have a yard sale, although I wasn't too excited at the idea.  I thought I would have better sales at the mini-flea market.  Oh well.

As I was trying to set up, I got very busy.  It was so busy I had several people leave.  I can't talk to all of them at the same time.  I hadn't even put up a sign at the street corner.  Then I noticed someone else had one up.  There was a good, steady flow of customers all day.

Later my mom returns, and she said it was slow at the sidewalk sale.  So slow, the other merchants were complaining, and the wind was bad.  It was windy here, but nothing I couldn't handle.  So it was a good thing I had a sale here at the house.  And to think I almost didn't do it.

I almost cleared $100!  I'll probably have the sale again tomorrow for a few hours.  So thank you Mr. Chaos, if you hadn't arranged for the disappearance of the keys, my sales would probably have been lousy.

Most of the things I was selling had been my dad's.  Sometimes I considered putting something back, several items in fact, but I knew I couldn't keep it all.  It was just stuff that my dad had owned, nothing even remotely sentimental, aside from the fact he had owned it.  If I start keeping things because of some vague emotional attachment, then soon I'm keeping everything, and hoarding things is bad.  Unless it's gold, and you're a dragon, then I guess it would be okay. 

Of course if I was a dragon, I would probably be one with OCD, and my coins would be neatly stacked and counted.  All the diamonds in one chest, rubies in another, and so on.  All the magic items would have a section, sorted by type, and properly stored.  None of this lying about in piles.  That would just be wrong.  If even one coin is missing, I would know.


  1. Years ago there was a neat article in Dragon magazine that detailed spells for dragons. One of the spells was a kind of inventory spell. By casting it, the wyrm could get an accurate count of his horde to determine if any invisible hobbits had wandered off with anything.