Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[ Kinship ] the Kinship Bed & Breakfast

Once newcomers to Kinship discover that it's ill-advised that they try to find their way home, most end up staying at the Kinship Bed and Breakfast for at least one night, and most times two or three nights. It usually takes the Sheriff that long to find a safe place for the newcomer to live. It wouldn't be good for the newcomer to move into an apartment or home that ends up scaring them, driving them insane, or even eating them. And sometimes there are worse fates than those, but best not to discuss them...

The bed and breakfast is operated by the kindly, Ms. Verna Lockmeir. She keeps the rooms neat and tidy, and prepares meals for the newcomers. Verna does all this for free. It's her contribution to the welfare of Kinship's citizens. When she's not busy at the bed and breakfast, Verna likes to help teach the town's children. Although she's not too enthusiastic about it, she will help fight zombies, but prefers to play a supporting role.

Over a delicious meal, she tells newcomers about her encounters with zombies and vampires, and warns them to avoid the giant mutant spiders, the Skraknids. If they haven't already seen Matt ( Many Awesome Tentacle'd Thing ) she tells them Matt is harmless, and a great help to the town. It's nothing to worry about. Verna has many stories, and is all too eager to tell them to the newcomers.

Verna also has a secret. It's one story she doesn't tell to anybody. One day she had gotten lost picking corn, and came upon a ghastly scene. In a clearing, a man was chained to an upright slab of stone. His throat had been slit, and a strange symbol carved into his chest. Fortunately, Verna was used to the strange, due to her years of living in Kinship, and was mostly unfazed. She checked the man's pulse. He was indeed dead.

As she turned to leave, Verna noticed a book leaning up against the slab. It was large, covered in what she thought was leather. She felt the urge to pick it up, and when her fingers touched it, her arms tingled all the way up to her shoulder. Verna, clutching the book, ran through the corn, and away from the scene. She told no one.

Verna knows it's a magical book she found. Late at night she will flip through the pages, staring at the odd writing. So close to understanding, so close to unlocking mystical secrets. One day, Verna will be able to use magic. She's sure of it! 

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