Thursday, October 11, 2012

Television Shows and Gamers

There's really not a lot of television programming that I like right now.  I'm sick of reality shows.  I tried watching the new Survivor, but after about two episodes I gave up.  Same old thing, different people.

Arrow looks like it's going to be good.  I enjoyed the pilot.   A different take on the old DC character.  It makes me want to play a superhero RPG!  Heh....

Last season I didn't watch much of Supernatural.  I don't know why, something else must have been on at the same time.  I, for the most part, enjoy the show.  I decided to watch it last night, and really enjoyed it.  The thing is I was approaching it from a gamer's point of view, and that's not always a good thing.  If you haven't  seen this episode yet, and might want to, what follows is a spoiler.

The plot was that the brothers, Dean and Sam were trying to acquire a stone tablet, supposedly inscribed with some sort of invocation to banish all the demons and lock them in Hell.  So they track it down, and find out it's going to be auctioned off.  The auction is being held by Plutus, Greek God of wealth, and apparently he wants more wealth. Actually, I think a character called him the God of Greed. So they go to the auction, and soon determine they can't afford to bid on it.

There are several interest artifacts up for bid, one of which is Mjölnir, Thor's hammer!  At the beginning of the episode, a small, old man was getting something out of his safe deposit box at a bank.  Turns out to be a finger bone of Frost Giant.  Weird.  The old man then kills the bank employee.  Of course this really doesn't have much to do with the plot, until later.

Anyway, lets cut to the chase, the old man bids the finger bone of the Frost Giant for Mjölnir, but Plutus  isn't interested.  Then the old man holds up a bag, and offers 1/5 of a virgin as well.  Eeewww.  I was wondering what he did with the rest of the bank employee?  For some reason, Plutus accepts the bid.  The old man, happily clutches the hammer.  He's happy.  He's heard muttering, "How I've missed you..."

Then the stone tablet comes up for bidding.  A bidding war starts, and the mom of the prophet, who's the only one who can use the tablet, bids her own soul.  Plutus agrees.  Then later, after the auction, they start to make the transaction and things go to heck.  Plutus is killed, and one of his henchmen.  Big trouble for the brothers.

To even the odds, Sam borrows Mjölnir, and smites Plutus's right hand "man", who had betrayed Plutus.  The old man wants his hammer back, and Sam looks reluctant to give it up.  I know I sure wouldn't!  Then Sam asks the old man, where he got 1/5 of a virgin.  The old man, who at this point I'm thinking is either a very under-powered Thor or Odin, due to a lack of worshippers, get's this sheepish look on his face.  Oops.  Sam smites the old man, and he disappears.  Nothing left but the old man's clothes.  Back to Asgard I guess.  The hammer is left next to clothes.  Whaaaaaaaat?

At this point something comes up, and I miss a bit, so I don't know if the hammer is retrieved or was left lying on the warehouse floor?  All I know is the gamer in me is screaming.  Keep the hammer!  If you spend your life hunting  and fighting supernatural evil, Thor's hammer would come in handy.  At least in my opinion.

For those wondering, and didn't watch the show,  the bad guy got the tablet, but not the prophet.  The prophet and his mom no longer trust the Winchester's, and go into hiding.  The brothers go on their way, without Mjölnir, as far as I know...

This is how I would have ended the episode.

Sam puts Mjölnir in the trunk of the car.

Dean: So you're keeping the hammer?
Sam: Yeah...
Dean: Okaaaaaaaay.

I have a feeling if gamers wrote television shows they would be much, much different.


  1. That's probably true, though I don't know if it would be for the better always. ;)

    I think TV's pretty goood right now, but then most of the shows I watch are on cable. I'm inclined to agree with you on the broadcast networks' offerings, for the most part.

  2. Sam and Dean have gotten dumber and sloppier, unfortunately, as the seasons have progressed. Unlike real life, where people learn and grow in their professions, TV show characters usually get dumber as they're taken over by new writers who replace the original writers when they move on to greener pastures, or they're written by the same writers who've just lost that hungry edge as the show has aged. It's sad, really - but fictional characters are only as good as their writers.

    Oh, and my fiancee and I were practically screaming at the TV when Sam and Dean walked away from that hammer. Idjits, indeed.

  3. Yeah, and I was thinking that Plutus wasn't very powerful. I didn't get a good look at the kind of weapon that killed him, I thought it looked like the Frost Giant's finger bone? If that's the case, now I know why he wanted it.

    They should have taken the hammer. It still bugs me...