Sunday, October 28, 2012

[ Kinship ] The Dromedary Part One

The big draw on Saturday night in Kinship is usually the movie theatre.  The Dromedary is a one screen affair from days of old.  No Dolby Sound, nothing high tech about it at all.  Just a plain, old fashioned movie theatre.

On this particular Saturday night, a small crowd had gather near the theatre looking up at the sign.  On the part of the sign that covers the sidewalk there's a life sized statue of a one-humped camel, a dromedary.

"I could have sworn yesterday the camel was looking to it's right."   Fred the Nerd scratched his head.  " I know it was..."

Verna chuckled.  "Of course it moved, it does that sometimes.  It's looking for it's rider.  The camel used to have a rider.  There's even an old photo in the library that shows him on the camel."

"So what happened to the rider?"  Larry, a newcomer to Kinship, gestured towards the camel.  "Statues just don't just get up and leave!"

"Well... it happened before I came here, but I heard about it.  One day the rider just hopped off, and jumped down to the street, and walked out of town."  Verna shrugged, "Believe me or not.  I don't care.  Stranger things have happened in Kinship."

Larry shook his head in disbelief.  "Well, what's showing tonight?"

"Ah... I believe it's, It Happened at the World's Fair."  Verna smiled.  "I like it."

Fred slumped his shoulders, "Again?"

Giggling, Verna opened the door.  "Don't worry, it's different every time.  Sometimes a little different, and sometimes A LOT DIFFERENT!"

The Dromedary Movie Theatre provides a nice respite from the boring, and sometimes terrifying daily grind that is life in Kinship.  There's no admission charge, and the snack bar is always stocked, and everything's free.  Sometimes the selection appears a bit odd, but there's always popcorn.


  1. I like how the movie changes from viewing to viewing. :)

    1. The Dromedary has been floating around in my head a LONG time...