Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Little of This and a Little of That...

If it seems like I'm jumping around a bit, it's because I'm jumping around a bit.  I've been awake close to 30 hours now, and still don't feel sleepy, but I know the crash is coming.  Gotta love caffeine...

The Featured Blog, ( Until it changes... ) is now Trollsmyth.  I really liked what Trollsmyth wrote in his latest post.  One of these days I will write an in-depth article on my views of the OSR, and role-playing games in general.

I downloaded Paint.Net and so far I'm happy with what it can do.  It's much better than MS Paint, and has quite a few nice features.  Looks like I found a good graphics program for mapping.  Check it out!  I even found a tutorial for making maps with it, over on the Cartographer's Guild.  I was trying to download TerraJ, a fractal mapping program, but I had problems, and the download went all wonky.  I may try again later.

Of course, before I get all "techno-mappy", I still want to make a few maps "old school style" with graphite and colored pencils, graph paper, gold and silver glitter...  wait, I've said too much.  Colored pencils may be a bit too fancy.

I'm still struggling with Scribus, but I've made much progress the last couple of days.  One problem I'm having is that I can make the PDFs fine, but when I check it out, I can't seem to highlight any of the text to copy it to the clipboard?  I'm stumped.  I sure I've got the security setting correct.  I've scoured the Scribus Wiki site looking for an answer, but have had no luck.  UGH.  Maybe, I'm just to wired and tired.

I've been working on Crunchmaster, my homegrown RPG rules, but still have a long way to go.  Crunchy as crunchy can be!

I've also been wondering if there's a Boot Hill retro-clone?  I've had this itch for a long time to run a Weird West campaign.  You know, nothing too revolutionary or even new,  a cross between Wild, Wild, West, old westerns, and that old series from Heavy Metal Magazine called Tex Arcana.  You can read the entire series here

It would be great!   A mix of horror, westerns, and perhaps a bit of steam punk.  Were-coyotes, wicked snake oil salesmen, masked vigilantes,  "Hi ho Electrum, away!"  I could even throw a bit of Kung Fu in as well.  "Yah know Sherriff them der Rowdy boy's are gettin' well... rowdy agin. Watcha gonna do bouddit?" ( Can yah tell I'm a Native Texan? )  High Plains Drifter meets Frankenstein's Monster.  Oh, and the Sherriff!  Wait, I can't spill all the beans... So what's not to like?

See that's a big problem.  My mind NEVER stops thinking, or creating.  I don't have time for it all, but I do try.  Some things I do forget about, but it eventually gets dredged back up, and now I keep copious amounts of notes.  I've even been working on a CCG based on my cartoons that were published in Japan.  These would be self-published, and I've already found a place that does POD collectible card games.  It's really not that expensive either.

Okay enough rambling I think I'm fading fast.  When you read this I'll probably be fast asleep.  Let's see going on close to 31 hours now... but I kinda feel like I could go on for 10 more.

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