Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Editorial Content

Today I became a bit disturbed when I read someone's blog.  A blog that's usually about gaming, and D&D in particular.  I am not going to mention the name of the blog, because I no longer want to promote that blog.  Trust me, I am a big advocate of free speech, but I feel that with that freedom comes a certain responsibility.  The post on this blog was to say the least, very political, ( at least in my opinion ), and the blogger came across as being very abrasive.  I understand having strong feelings about something, but what was said, and how it was said was to me just plain wrong.

Why am I even discussing this?  Because, as a blogger I want to be clear that no matter how many people read this blog, or how many followers I have, this blog will always be about gaming, in one form or another, usually role-playing.  I am not going to try to foster my beliefs and opinions on my readers, unless it's about gaming.  Especially if my readership grows, to do so would be wrong in my opinion.  If I want to blog about something political, religious, or whatever, I have other blogs for that.  Or I can start a new one.  I went to that blog today expecting something about gaming, or close enough to warrant my attention, and that's not what was there.  I read it anyway, and in a way I felt betrayed.  The blogger is entitled to their opinion, they can even blog about it, but if you have a blog that is supposed to be about a certain subject, and you change the editorial content in a big way, then it's deceitful.  Even if it's just for ONE POST.  You have the followers for a reason, stick to your usual content.  I am NOT INTERESTED in your political/religious/whatever views, unless it somehow pertains to the subject of your blog, and even then I'm probably not interested.

If you want to blog about politics then start another blog, if your blog is about gaming, then blog about gaming.  I understand there may be the occasional off topic post, but this post was beyond the pale, and in a way very hypocritical.  I understand that it is their blog, and that they can blog about whatever they want, but I don't have to promote it, read it, or support it.

I don't mind the occassional "slice o' life", biographical, what's going on in my life posts.  In fact I enjoy those as much as anything else, even when it doesn't have much to do with gaming. 

Anyway, thanks for reading.  Tomorrow, back to something gaming related, and hopefully fun, informative, and entertaining.  I promise I will try to hit all three...


  1. I think your point is very interesting -- it made me think about blogging in general, what it's purpose is or should be. It occurs to me that we read blogs because of common interests, and in this sense a blog -- especially a hobby blog -- builds a sense of community around that interest. When there is a radical deviation from the expected topic, into a potentially divisive subject, there is the risk of splitting the community, creating bad feelings etc. Not that I'd favor censorship in any form -- all ideas should be expressed. But, I agree as you say, that certain types of views are best expressed in venues where they are expected, so as not to blindside one's followers and risk fragmenting the community that grows out of blogging about a hobby.

  2. I knew you had a good flame post in you. ;)

    I know what you are talking about. I think I know the blog, too. I stopped reading it a while back. The guy is, well, a bit "intense" and the tone got to me after a while.

    Take care,

  3. Aye, saw the same. Politics and gaming don't mix well.

    If I want politics I'll turn on fox or msnbc.

    Heck, I've got on old boss on facebook who retired that I'm about to defriend because each update and link of his is political.. and I lean toward his politics... I just don't need it when I'm trying to relax ;)

  4. I am disappointed. I came to this blog expecting gaming discussion, and all I got was this.

  5. Chris: That's one of the points I was trying to make. A gaming blog is the wrong venue for what he posted about. I despise censorship also, the blogger is free to blog about whatever they want. I am also free to ignore said blog. Blindsided is a very good way to describe how I felt.

    Christian: Ha! Thanks, but it was a bit more flamey than I intended. I agree with you about that guy, that post was the last straw.

    Tenkar: That was something I really should have emphasized. I read these blogs for enjoyment, not to be brow beaten about how someone feels about world events, etc.

    Greg: Funny, I was going to mention that very thing in the post, but I thought it would be obvious. Anyway, my apologies, hope you come back. If not, oh well. Of course if you hadn't posted I may not have discovered your website and blog. I'm going to add it to my blog roll. LOL I have an opening... So it's all good.

  6. Greg: FYI, I just noticed that you wrote a blog post about the same incident on April 5, that the blogger I was talking about wrote about today. I hope you don't think I was talking about your blog. I wasn't. I just found your blog today, because of your comment. Your post made me think, and you at least sort of tied it into gaming. I guess I shouldn't be so vague in my posts, or at least mention the blog, but I was trying to avoid a lot of controversy. Anyway, I still believe there are better venues for certain discussions, but it is what it is...

  7. Im not mad. I was just dropping some deadpan humor.

    And my post was actually relevant to my game. I have a morality system that could actually wrestle with such questions. Of course, I could have done a better job of tying that into the post. But oh well. I was pissed at the time.

    And to be fair, my post was much more of a lament than a screed. I think you would agree. And I didnt think you were referring to me because I automatically assume someone is not reading my blog. hehehe Sad but true.

  8. I have one blog for my two main interests RPGs and programming. I put rpg tag on rpg things. But, I don't think many readers (unless they come from rpg network which only indexes the rpg posts) know or filter my posts by rpg tag. So, I feel bad when they read non-rpg post. I have a 50+ to 1 ratio of rpg vs non-rpg content so at least it is not chronic.

    I don't necessarily expect blogs to be on topic, nor am I overly bothered if they are not. But, more than a couple asshat, ranty, ignorant, offensive, etc. posts (on topic or not) get you "banned". There is so much content in the world it's so not worth wasting any time at all on losers. It sounds like this post fell under that category (proly someone I've already "banned" cause I haven't figured out what post you are referring to).

    Free speech is freedom to speak, to be heard. It is not the right to be payed attention to.

  9. Sometimes a person can be in such anger and despair that they have to express themselves in any way they think they might be heard. I prefer to nod and let it pass. I wouldn't want to be upset and then be told that people only want to see me when I'm smiling.

    I think it's safe to say that for Alexis concern over the path of society in the next decade, and particularly that of America, counts as a slice of life.