Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dora the Adventurer Caption Contest, Over at I See Lead People

Okay, so Eli Arndt is having a contest over on his blog, I See Lead People .  He drew a cartoon of Dora the Explorer and some of her friends after his daughter was describing how they were leaving the dungeon, and he mentioned it reminded him of Dora, hence the cartoon.

The other night while we were playing Labyrinth Lord, one of the girls was naming off the route they had taken through the dungeon and it reminded me of Dora The Explorer when she names off the way they get someplace. Inspired by that conversation I whipped up this little drawing of the characters as typical D&D adventurers. It's a quicky and left pretty much to lines in case somebody wanted to colorize it.

I'd like to propose that you readers throw out your best captions for the cartoon. There is no prize other than being the winner. The winner will be the person who's caption makes me snort and laugh the most. Have fun!
So I took up the challenge, and here's what I did...

Well, Eli I did have fun, and I also learned a little more, actually, a lot more about using Paint.NET.  At one point I had cool blood splatters all over the wall and floor, but I decided it was a bit too much, so I removed them.  I really like the purple viking helmet, and the pink pommel of her sword.  Adds a nice touch I think...