Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weird Wednesday

Today I made an editorial decision, and decided that every fourth Wednesday of the month, the theme is weird.  Weird Wednesday.  So while today's post may not have anything that weird, I have an entire month to come up with something weird, for the next Weird Wednesday.  I want HDWT to have a some kind of "structure", which in turn helps me be more organized and come up with topics.

NTRPG Con 2010

Late last night I discovered a new convention.  NTRPG Con 2010 is being held in Irving, Texas on June 3 thru June 6, 2010.  I've put a link on the sidebar so go check it out!  This con concentrates on the old school games, and mainly focuses on D&D, AD&D, and a few others.  There are a lot of great confirmed guests from the 'old school' generation,  Rob Kuntz, Tim Kask, Paul Jaquays, Dennis Sustare, Steve Winter, Jim Ward, Jason Braun, and Kyrinn Eis.  Plus other notables in the RPG industry.  Slots in the gaming sessions are limited so if you want to particpate you should head over, register, and sign up ASAP!

A Few Weird Adventure Ideas & Hooks ( Or maybe not so weird... )

  1. The characters are hired by a king to harvest some young 'flail' snails.  He developed a taste for them after being trapped underground, ( during his adventuring days ), and had to survive on them.  He wants them brought back alive, "They need to be FRESH!".  He will pay a good price for them, but he needs them in a hurry.  He wants them for a yearly feast or festival.
  2. One of the characters has a cousin that owns a 'magic shoppe', and needs to travel to a distant, large city to make a delivery, and take care of other business as well.  The characters are hired to run the shop, and guard it at night.
  3. One day a large, floating, black inky cloud starts following the adventuring party.  If the party splits up, so does the cloud.  No one else can see the cloud.  A detect magic spell, may detect it, but it gets a savings throw to avoid detection.  One day the cloud teleports the party to ______?
  4. The party is staying at a tavern, located in a small town.  They wake up in the morning to find EVERYONE in the town, and all the animals turned to stone, even insects.  Whatever happened, plants were not affected.  What do the players do?
  5. Traveling down a road, the characters discover a single line of men(?)wearing hooded red robes walking in the opposite direction they are headed.  The line goes on for miles.  They carry no packs or weapons.  Who are they and where are they going?
Well, I hope you have enjoyed Weird Wednesday.  Next time it may even be a Wacky Weird Wednessday!  Until then, keep rolling your dice!

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