Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Security Phrase Adventure Hook

I've been busy trying to find some good freeware programs to use in my eventual publishing efforts, and haven't had a lot of time to even think of a blog post for today.  I was hoping to have the interview ready, and all that's left is approval from the interviewee, and then hopefully it will be up tomorrow.

Security Phrase Adventure Hook

I made a comment somewhere, and I got a security phrase window instead of a word verification, and the phrase was: only iliod.  So in a sudden burst of creative synergy I came up with an adventure hook.  This is just the bare bones of an idea.  Sort of a cliche as far as hooks go, but hey...

The PCs come upon a dying man, and despite their best efforts there is nothing they can do to help him.  However, just before he dies, he reaches into his leather vest, and pulls his hand back out, it's clinched in a fist. When he opens it, a piece of folded parchment slowly appears. Then the man whispers, "Only iliod..."  he lets out one last rattling breath, and is still. 

The PCs discover that the parchment is folded and sealed with green wax, that's embossed with a strange glyph.  With the proper spells, the PCs could discover it's magical. The mystery is, who or what is iliod?  And what should they do with the parchment?  The man's only possessions are a crude medallion with the same gylph on it as the wax, a normal dagger, and about 30 silver pieces.  It's up to the players to decide what to do next...

Hope, that's in some way useful.  Anyway, I've managed to get another post up.  Until next time, keep rolling those dice. 


  1. I really like your "security word" and "security phrase" ideas. Quite a clever way to make use of the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary!

  2. Thanks guys! I wasn't the first to use word verification for names, but I think I amped it up a little and used it as a method to come up with a NPC idea/concept. I always google my ideas now.

    I couldn't find anyone else using the security phrase as an adventure hook idea. Of course most of the time the phrases are useless. The next time I get a good one I will write a whole adventure around it.