Monday, March 22, 2010

Lost & Found, or The Dice Bag o' Doom!

If you've been reading my posts; maybe you remember that since I have decided to return to gaming that I have been searching in vain for my dice bag.  Yes, the infamous, Crown Royal Bag o' Dice.  The good news is that I found it a few days ago, but I just haven't said anything about it on HDWT.  The poor bag was in my pick-up truck, which sadly hasn't run in a while, and the dice bag looks like it's in as bad a shape as my truck.  Also, some of the dice look like they've been through heck, and I still seem to be missing a few.  Oh well, it's mainly the old six-siders that look like they have been slimed, stained, and generally weathered.  Excuse my photos, the digital camera I used is a super-cheapy.

The bag looks like it's been hanging on an orc's belt for a while.

I feel better now.  I have dice.  However, I think I need MORE dice.  Lots more!

Wow, this is a horrible photo, but it's the best I could get.  This is a 12 sided dice from my original D&D boxed set.  I believe the others from that set have gone on to the great dice gaming table in the sky.  This one has seen better days.  I want to find a little glass dome to display it in.  I may use it for one more gaming session, and then it gets to retire.

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