Monday, July 18, 2011

World Intelligence Network

Creating Organizations for RPG Campaigns Part 3

Information is power, and whoever has the most information has the most power.  That's the motto of W.I.N., the World Intelligence Network.  While not affliated with any government, they have agents or contacts in just about every nation or countries government.

The exact goal or mission of W.I.N. is known only to the upper eschelon of the group.  The structure of W.I.N. is very similiar to that of splinter cells.  Very few of it's agents know the size or scope of the group.  They have observers and agents in every aspect of society, CEOs of megacorporations, magazine stand owners, housewives, dabbawalas, actors, scientists, well the list is very extensive.  The majority of these don't even know they work for W.I.N.  Most think they are informants for one of the alphabet soup agencies, others think they are members of some conspiratorial Illuminati group.

The Council, which are the leaders and decision makers of the group, and are united to do nothing more than mantain the status quo.  They gather information, and use a very specialized think tank to determine the potential outcome of world events.  If the result is less than favorable to the majority of the world, they try to work out something better.  Some of the members have their own personal agendas, but none are world changing. 

I think this group would work well in a supers or espionage campaign.  I've actually used a version of this group before in a GURPS campaign.  I'm still trying to decide if it would fit in my horror campaign.

"Crisis averted, looks like this is a win win for everyone!" - Council member on preventing WW3, yet again...

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