Saturday, July 23, 2011

[ Kinship ] It Came from Channel 88

Despite being warned not to watch, sometimes people get curious.  Sometimes it's an accident.  Sometimes people swear their television developed a mind of it's own, and changed the channel, or even turned itself on.  Whatever the reason, Channel 88 causes nothing but trouble for the citizens of Kinship.
The people who've seen Channel 88 and survived, have nicknamed it the Nightmare Channel, the Channel of Doooooooooooom!, or just plain old Aaaaaaaaarrgggghhhhh!  They're often heard muttering under their breathe, "Turn it off... turn it off...turn it off..."

Some people have walked into their den, and the television is already on Channel 88.  There's a giant eye on the screen, and they say it feels like it's staring right through them.

Sometimes there's static and they hear the laughter of children.  Creepy laughter.  Then they see small, bloody hands pressed up against the screen.  It looks like the screen is bulging out.  Turn it off!

Occasionally, a television tuned into Channel 88 can act as a gateway, an interdimensional portal that lets... things... in.  Horrible things.  Things like demonic sock monkeys.  Hordes of undead puppies.  Zombie clowns...

Then there are other stories.  Stories told in whispers at Jelly's Cafe, about the people who've disappeared in their own homes.  Rumors of blood smeared on the television's screen, the furniture and items smashed, odd smells, and strange pools of liquid. 

The sheriff knows many more stories, but his lips are sealed.  Some things are best left unsaid.


  1. I'm watching Channel 88 right now, and I'm fi-blaaaarggh!

  2. You were warned. I really hope he wasn't watching the vomiting clown show.