Thursday, July 21, 2011

[ Kinship ] I Forgot to Add Ninjas...

I really enjoyed writing yesterdays post.  It was fun.  My recent posts have been about campaign ideas, but I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to do something that would convey the mood of the campaign, as well as record some ideas and inspiration.

Initially I was stuck, and had no idea how to start.  I knew I wanted to write about some of the ideas I had for Kinship, but I didn't want some boring notes.  Then I had the idea to write it from the viewpoint of a character who finds themselves in Kinship.  I think it worked well.

It was also very synergistic.  Once I started writing, the ideas started rolling, and it was a stream of consciousness journey.  I came up with new ideas for NPCs and locations.   The snake farm/miniature golf idea is something I thought of on a road trip.  I recycle a lot of ideas.

The character/NPC at the roadside attraction needs more work of course.  I just added him for the creepy he brought.  Is he good?  Evil?  Does he just really like miniature golf and snakes?  Unfortunately, he doesn't get a lot of business on Highway 13.  Of course he doesn't pay rent either for the property, well, maybe not in cash.  *Cue evil laughter.*

The whole idea of Kinship came to me years ago.  I had some notes I had written, but they were on a different hard drive.  The computer was dead, but I had a good feeling that the data on the drive was still intact.  I NEEDED those notes.  Well, I found another old computer and installed the hard drive, and recovered the file.  Success!

Reading my notes, there's one line that I wrote, that made me laugh. "No dragons... unless I change my mind." Kinship doesn't even need one dragon.

Well, not all of it was gold, but it's still useful.  I had written down some notes about the college, and it's faculty of one.  The college has an unusual curriculum, and a strange student body.  More on that later...

Once I got most of yesterday's post written, I did some proofreading, and made some changes.  I added a couple of things to beef it up a little.  Now, I can take weird, roll it in strange, and sprinkle it with bizarre, but sometimes you don't want to go too far.  I could have included ninjas, but they just didn't fit.  It would have been too much.

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