Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Official - I'm an ENnie Award Judge Nominee

Well, it's official. I'm a nominee for a spot as an Ennie Judge. When I woke up yesterday I thought a lot about why I submitted my application, and it came down to two things. One reason was I was starting to feel uncomfortable about criticizing the Ennies, because I really didn't know that much about them. I've read quite some controversial things about them on blogs, but anyone can write anything on the Internet. If I'm going to criticize something I need first hand experience. I need to find out for myself how things are done.

The second reason? I REALLY ENJOY THE HOBBY! I mentioned in the last post how I was disappointed that TARGA tanked, and didn't really get off the ground. I think being an ENnie Judge is one way of getting more involved.

Yesterday I received an email from Tony Law, the Business Manager of the ENnie Awards, and apparently he had read at least one of my blog posts. My first thought before I read the email, was that he was either going to pull my nomination, or ask me to remove my blog posts containing criticisms of the ENnies. It was neither, and I was pleasantly surprised. So, despite my worries, the email was positive, and he went on to say how he appreciated that I was getting involved, unlike many who criticize the ENnies. He even mentioned how at one time he also had been critical of the ENnies.

There are 26 candidates that are campaigning to be an ENnie Judge, and the competition will be fierce. There are five spots to be filled. The voting doesn't start until July 15 and runs until July 24. The winners are announced on August 5. I'm not sure how the voting works, whether you vote for five of the judges, or just one, and the top five are elected? I do know that only one vote per IP Address is allowed, and I agree with this. So please, only vote for me once. If your computer uses a dynamic IP Address, then it may not work the first time, and you will need to try again the next day. If you still can't vote you might need to find a computer with a static IP Address.

Here is the web page with all the ENnie Judge nominess for 2012 .  I am the second nominee on the list, Frank Anderson.  I really wish I had given my responses some more thought, but really there's not much I would have changed.

Thus begins my campaign to be an ENnie Judge. I will be hitting the forums, and campaigning like heck. I think I would be an excellent judge and will look at the submitted RPG products with the same enthusiasm I had when I first opened my Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set, ( the infamous blue box) so many years ago.


  1. Okay dude, you got my vote - whenever I figure out how. :)

    - Ark

  2. Z,

    That is awesome. Can I suggest adding a blurb/widget with that link (and a sentence or two) to your sidebar?

  3. congrats! yeah, as scottz says, add a link...

  4. The voting doesn't start until July 15, and once I get a link for voting I'll put it on the sidebar. Until then I'll put a link for the judge nominees up.