Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Hundred and Fifty.... WOOT!

I never would have believed I would have made it to 150 posts.  I also have 61 followers, gaining one in just the last couple of days.  So... Hello, new followers!  I don't know who you are because whenever I try to look my followers don't show up.  They're invisible.  The follower blog box is empty!  I need to figure out what's going on.

I found a couple of cool websites that highlight gaming rooms and the gaming tables. The Ultimate Gaming Table is cool, but not sure it's the "ultimate".  Another one can be found here on the Agyris website.  I really like the message delivery system.  The table has a lot of character, but to me it seems a little high.  Every player does have their own area, so that's a plus.

Over on Rather Gamey , Arkhein has started a writing project, Vayniris: The Scattered City.  I've already got my story idea, and once he comes up with some guidelines I plan on getting started.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my Kinship series, it's not over, but I'm giving it a bit of a break.  Eventually, I will be creating a PDF, but I have lots more work to do before then.

Here in the Dallas area we've hit the 100 degree mark for the 25th day in a row.  It's 102 degrees right now.  There was a new record made today also, the highest low temperature since they started keeping records.  The low today was 86.  Ouch...  Yesterday, the temperature hit 106.  Double ouch...


  1. Congratulations. Of course, your post made me go and count my own, which made me realize I'm only two away from 100. Now the pressure's on to come up with something good to celebrate.

  2. Congrats and it's bloody cold here.

  3. Try accessing the blog on Firefox - the followers should reappear. Mine vanished too but only on IE.

  4. I too have trouble viewing visitors or monitoring the blogs I follow depending on which browser I use.
    I also (at the time of your post anyway) was hitting 105/106 degrees here in Philly.

    I'm glad to see the note about the PDF, because it's hard to read your posts in bed with this desktop computer :D

    Congrats on the 150. Not a lot of bloggers go that far.