Friday, July 15, 2011

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Hell On Earth

I want to tell the local meteorolgists that it's not a high pressure dome over Texas, but a Colossal Heat Elemental hovering over Texas.  Yes, it's hot.  Today, with the Heat Index it was 106.  Looks like this will be the second hottest Summer in Texas on record.  Heat, drought, broken water mains, the strain on the local energy grid, a piss poor economy, the continuing NFL lockout, oh what that doesn't bother me so much.  Arrggghhhhhh!

The bad thing is I had to walk for an hour and a half on an errand, ONE WAY.  It had to be done, so I grabbed a bottle of water, and hit the road.  I survived, and to get my mind off the heat, I thought about the GURPS campaign I want to run.  I actually thought of some cool ( heh... cool ) things, but once home I was exhausted, and didn't write anything down.  However, once I give it some thought most of it will come back to me.

I'm also sure my intelligence points will return once I'm rehydrated.  Man, that Supernatural episode tonight was funny.  Yeah, I know it was a repeat, but I hadn't watched it yet.

Stay cool my friends.


  1. 106? Man, you stay cool as well!

  2. I highly recommend you move North. Texas is set to become the next Panama. Oregon, on the other hand, will likely be the new S. CA. Huzzah! Have you seen our beaches? I reckon they'll be crawling with babes when I'm about 60 or 70. You can bet Christian will be up here by then.

  3. This is a killer heat. Just heard on the radio an elderly woman died after her aircon went out. Yeah, I bet Oregon is awesome. I would love to live on or near a beach of the Pacific. Babes! Heck yeah I like babes!

  4. Keep cool man, we just got a break in the hot weather here in St.Louis. At the beginning of the week it was in the upper 90's.