Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On Moderating Comments

Well, I'm not sure, but a comment I left on a blog was either moderated, or deleted.  I'm not going to mention the blog or blogger, because that's not that important.  In fact, sometimes I get in a hurry and forget about the word verification thing.  So maybe it never got posted.  However, I'm about 90% positive the comment was posted.
The thing is, I wasn't being a troll, and as far as I'm concerned it wasn't an offensive comment.  I was agreeing with the blogger.  So I'm not sure what happened.  I considering dropping the blog from my blog roll, but since I wasn't sure I decided to keep following it.

Sometimes I forget to subscribe to comment threads, and rarely check back, unless it's a controversial topic, which I plan on avoiding as much as possible in the future.  Life's  too short to engage in endless Internet debates, that never get resolved.  However, from now on I plan on keeping track of my comments.  If someone doesn't like my comments, and doesn't want them, then I don't want to waste my time with their blog.

I don't moderate comments, and I haven't had to delete any comments, well, except for the spam that makes it through the filter.  I guess I've been lucky.  Who knows?  In the future, that may change, and I will have to moderate comments, but  I don't want to, that would make this too much work.

Later today, I hope to have something game related, or at least entertaining posted.  I've been on a soapbox entirely too much lately.


  1. Sometimes, comments simply get 'eaten'. It happened to me just the other day.

    No error message or anything - the comment just seems to disappear.

    Go Google!

  2. I hardly ever delete comments, but I wouldn't think twice before doing, it if it seemed the sensible thing to do.

    I find moderation annoying, for both the blog author and her commentors.

  3. That would explain what happened.

  4. @Aaron, yes I agree, I never want to have to moderate my comments. I would sooner give up blogging, than do that. It would be a tough choice to make.

  5. I have been tempted on a couple of occasions to hit the delete button, but never did. Mostly on account of credibility concerns.

    On the flip side, I don't get quite so many comments that moderation would be useful in any way. And really, I don't get quite so many comments that it's an overwhelming chore to respond to all the (largely nonexistent) trolls.

  6. I'll happily delete comments and made that clear in the first post on my blog. I don't feel any shame about that or think it affects my credibility. Quite the opposite, I feel I would lack credibility if I allowed abusive comments to stand. However, the only comments I do delete are those that launch personal attacks on me or other folks who've left comments on my blog.

    While I am a strong believer in freedom of speech, I believe just as strongly in fairness and justice. So just as everyone has a right to speak freely and honestly, everyone also has a right to be spoken to with respect. Those who make personal attacks rather than attacking a person's ideas are robbing the victim of their right to be treated with respect. I won't tolerate that crap on my blog just as I won't tolerate it in real life. I'll never apologise for that.

    I have no problems with people who attack the idea and not the person. I'm fine with disagreement and criticism.

    As for your disappearing comment Zanazaz, it's quite possible blogger stuck it in the spam folder. I once found a comment there two weeks after it had been posted. I had no idea it was there.

  7. To all who responded, if I had thought about it a little more I probably would have realized that it was more than likely a blooger hiccup. No big deal, I was more surprised than anything. I agree with just about all the comments. I guess I've been lucky. Not much trouble with trolls here.

  8. I've also seen blogger "hiccup" issues.

    That said, I'll delete spam and I'd also be willing to delete a certain level of hate or linking to questionable content.

    After getting a rather strong and offensive hate comment on my blog, I took steps to implement a "counter" service that tracks date/time and IP. That way, next time I can at least correlate the comment posting time with the counter time and store the IP for my own safety.