Friday, July 29, 2011

[ Kinship ] A Zombie Ate My Homework... AGAIN!

Miss Leela, was taking attendance, which didn't take long.  Not many kids attended the Kinship Public School.  Today they were meeting at the Kinship Public Library.  Most of the kids hated having school at the library, because they say it feels "haunty".  However, after there was an "incident" in the school science lab, which led to the sheriff having to declare the building off limits, they didn't have many choices.

Only one of her students wasn't at school.  This always worried her.  So many things could happen here in Kinship.  She tried her best to warn, and prepare her students, but some things you can't prepare for.  She pondered calling the sheriff, but then she saw the student walk in.

Jeff, walking in breathless and sweating profusely, was carrying a sawed-off shotgun in his right hand, and his lunchbox in his left.  He set the shotgun and lunchbox on the nearest table, and took off his backpack.  Then he sat down in a chair, wiping the sweat from his brow.

None of the other children who attended school gave him much notice.  Miss Leela walked over and picked up the shotgun, opening it at the breech.  It was unloaded.

"Now Jeff you know we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY here at school."

Shrugging, Jeff pulled out some paper out of his pocket.  It was damp, stained, and somewhat shredded.  He started to try and smooth it out.

"Jeff?  What's the policy about weapons?"  Crossing her arms, and raising her eyebrows, she waited.

"I didn't have time!  I didn't want to be late again!  I know the policy!"

"Okay, just load it.  So what happened?"  Miss Leela had a good idea what happened.  Poor Jeff's bad luck again.

"Well, I was walking down down FM 666, and then all of a sudden a zombie lurched out of a corn field.  So I stopped, and pulled my shotgun out of my pack.  It snagged my homework, and the wind blew it towards the zombie.  Well, the zombie caught it and shoved it in his mouth...chewing and slobbering...stupid zombie..."

"So you're telling me a zombie ate your homework again?"  Miss Leela, trying hard not to laugh, put her hand on Jeff's shoulder.

"Yes, a stupid zombie ate my homework... AGAIN!  But I got it!  I gave it both barrels. KAPLOW!  Blew it's head right off.  Then I got what was left of my homework...THAT was icky..."

"Okaaaaaay, well I'm glad you're okay.  So there was only one zombie?"

Still working on smoothing out his homework, Jeff replied,  "Yeah, only one, otherwise I would have runned away.  F... A... S... T... FAST! So do I get extra credit?"

"For what?"  Shaking her head,  Miss Leela walked back to the front of the class.  Sometimes that boy didn't seem right in the head.  Then again everyone who lived in Kinship seemed a little odd at times.

"For ZOMBIE DISSECTION!  I took pictures to!  With my digital camera!"  Grinning, Jeff held up his homework,  "Hhhmm... not too bad... UH are we going to have SHOW and TELL this week?"

"Well, write a report tonight, and uh... show and tell?" Miss Leela's jaw drops.

Everyone in the room jumped when Jeff's lunchbox, a much coveted A-Team lunchbox, started rattling...

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