Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the Urban Dead

I was researching something yesterday, when I stumbled upon this browser game.  I was intrigued, so I created a character.  Gronch is his name, and he's a private.  I chose that as his class, because you get to start with a pistol, and some ammo of course.  It seems fairly popular and active, but I'm not that impressed with the game yet.
You have 50 Action Points to accomplish things.  Action Points are regenerated at the rate of one per half-hour.  This makes for a slow game.  One of the first things that's recommended you do is find a safe house.  You don't want to be caught outside once you run out of Action Points.  Zombies may eat you...

Private Gronch chose Club Greswell as his safehouse for the night.  Today I changed to a different location, because I realized during my explorations I was going to run out of APs before I made it back.  Once of the things, well one of the few things you can do is search.  Today I found a crowbar, and a can of spray paint.  I was excited about that for about 30 seconds...

In Urban Dead you can play more than one character so yesterday after using all my APs for Private Gronch, who I guess is AWOL, and trying to survive the zombie apocalypse; I made a zombie character.  I named him, Little Henry, and described him as a bald midget.  Little Henry didn't do much his first day, but he did attack a portable generator.  In fact he struck at it, and eventually tried to bite it.  Nothing much came of that, except for the lights flickering for a bit.  Heh... Other than that, all he did was wander around making zombie noises when he found a living person. "Mrh!"
Today when I logged on to Little Henry I discovered he'd been attacked twice, and some heinous scientist extracted some of his DNA!  Later Little Henry did what zombies do best.  He managed to kill someone.  Granted they were already down to 38 Hit Points ( everyone starts with 50 Hit Points ), but for 1st level I guess I did okay.  Unfortunately after the person was dead I didn't get to eat his brains, so I fled the area.  I earned 44 xp!  It takes 100 XP to learn a new skill.  Now I don't know what sort of skills a zombie can learn, but that should be interesting.  Maybe there's a brain eating skill?
I don't know how long I will remain interested in this browser game, but for now it's a good way to kill a few minutes.  There's probably a lot more to this game than I know about, but I just haven't felt like doing the research.  Man, I will be glad when I can finally play Skyrim...


  1. I used to play years ago, but then my then-office started blocking anything even remotely fun. And I completely forgot it existed.

    Now I gotta try it again. Thanks!

  2. You're welcome. I made a third character, but I think I messed up, and he's not in his safe house. Doctor Velasco is probably going to be zombie chow....

  3. Sounds like a blast, will have to see if I can get onto it!

  4. Angry Lurker, don't expect much from the game. It's a web-based browser game after all, but it really doesn't take much time to play either, even if you play three characters.