Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Year of the Ten Foot Pole

I know I said I was going to take a break from blogging, but I'm bored.  As far as first day of the year goes this one wasn't that great.  I stayed up late, and slept too long, and didn't get much accomplished.  Of course it's not even 7 PM here so I still have time to get something done.

The title of the post is kind of a joke.  It made me laugh.  It would be difficult to carry that kind of theme all year long, even if I only had a post a month about ten foot poles!

Thinking back on last year I still find it hard to believe I wrote a post about iron spikes.  It's even more surprising I actually posted it after I wrote it.  Well, that's what the Reader's Choice Challenge was all about. Of course after I wrote that post, someone wanted a post about ten foot poles.  I can't win.  The scary thing is I could probably write another post about iron spikes, but I'm afraid I would start losing followers.

However, thinking about it, I realise that trying to write about something as mundane as an iron spike, or a ten foot pole, can spur on some creative ideas. Yes there will be a post written about ten foot poles, but it might not be what you expect.

Now I think I'm going to spend the rest of the evening working on a dungeon.  In one of the rooms I'm going to have a workshop where they make nothing but ten foot poles.


  1. It will be an especially awesome room if the wood for those poles is hewed from a still-living treant.

  2. That's an interesting, albeit disturbing idea. I like it. Maybe the treant's been in the dungeon since he was a seedling, and the evil ten foot pole makers convinced the treant thats it's purpose in life.

  3. Woot!

    I'm the one that asked for the 10 foot (3.333 yard) pole article!


    Now I'm going to include a magical 10 foot pole factory in a dungeon. 10 foot sections of logs in a huge pile, unseen servants (or maybe just telekinesis) transporting a single log to a machine that creates roughed out sections, then another machine that whittles the pole down to uniform size in a cloud of sawdust and shavings, stamped with the manufacturer's mark ("Made by Zanazaz's Lair" in Elvish), then into a finishing stain bath, and finally a drying rack, which then is magically moved into another room where they teleport out to various adventurer shops around the world.

    Oh, and if the PCs check their own 10 foot pole, they find it has the same "Made in Zanazaz's Lair" stamp as the one's they're seeing manufactured!