Thursday, January 6, 2011

Creating Caverns

I was experimenting with yesterday, and discovered an unusual way to create a cavern map.  I thought about writing a tutorial, but I think there are better, faster ways to create a cavern map.  I like the random look, but it takes a while to get the final result.  Drawing them freehand is much faster.

I also finally found the page layout program I was using before my computer hard drive crashed.  It's called scribus, and while the learning curve is a little steep, and the program isn't that intuitive, the price is right.  It's an open source program, and "shareware".  There are some tutorials online, it just takes some searching.

On a side note, I gained a follower then lost one.  Oh well.  I hope I didn't offend someone.  I don't think I did.  If I did it was not my intention to do so.


  1. The map looks good, and a refreshingly tight squeeze.

    I wouldn't worry about the follower. I find it's best not to look or the pressure and worries start to ramp up. It could have been a mistake too. When I followed my first blogs my avatar wasn't shown and I had de-follow to get it right. That could be what happened, or maybe a name change.

  2. Nice map. I'd be interested in the details in how you did it.

  3. Yeah, really. I doubt I will ever table-top role-play again, but just seeing your map there...
    If only this were some time ago.
    Funny how computers can enhance the gaming experience that they have ruined. (Online RPGs stealing regular players away.)