Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Thoughts on the 110th Post

Last month I broke my posting streak because I was sick.  I'm sick again today, and just because I can be stubborn I decided to write a quick post.  I deny the sickness!

As I sat here thinking I should get back in bed, and not post, I wondered how many DMs actually use mundane sicknesses in there campaign?   I can't recall if there is a chart in the AD&D 1E for mundane illnesses?  Would it even be a good idea?  Sorry, you're at a ( insert appropriate modifier ) to hit, because you have the flu.  Jakron the Crazed Dwarf can't go into the dungeon because he has the beard flu?   Probably wouldn't go over so well with the players.

Then again in a fantasy campaign you have certain resources that will nip most diseases in the bud.  I can imagine that the Cure Disease spell, or a lesser form of it, was created for these situations.  Cold and flu, etc. being more common than mummy rot.  Then there are always herbal cures.

Anyway, enough for now.  Back to bed for me.  I think my OTC pain medicine is kicking in.  No dungeon delving, errr... dungeon creating for me tonight.

Ooooooo... space monkeys.


  1. The closest we ever got to illness are things like Filth Fever from giant rats.

  2. One of my characters is facing what she thinks is a sickness, but OOC I know it isn't... it's interesting to say the least.

  3. I think when I am engaging in a flight of fancy (or fantasy) I usually want to leave out things like a cold.
    Then again, I have a high Constitution, so it probably wouldn't matter.

    I don't have any proof, as I would have to dig out some old boxes, but I am almost positive that Dragon magazine (many years ago) covered your query...

  4. It only happened in one game I played in. A PC wanted to check a barrel that had filthy water in it for treasure, i.e. he was going to dump it out. Me and the rest of the players made sure we were not nearby when he did this. It was a good thing to, because the PC caught dysentary. At first he was laughing at us, and of course we told him he should have listened. There was no treasure, unless you count catching a disease as treasure.

  5. I would put playing diseases in the "Handy Tricks Up The DMs Sleeve" category.