Sunday, September 11, 2011


I've decided against posting my original 911 "essay".  It was a rant of sorts, and while I felt I made valid points, I felt it was unneccessary.  Why did I write it?  Well, it's been a rough year, and some things really piss me off.

So in rememberance of 911, do something good for someone, make them smile, make them laugh, make the world a better place.  Lift someone up, instead of pushing then down.  It's really rather simple, I don't know why so many people make it so difficult.

So breathe in, and breathe out, and start with those around you.  Be the pebble tossed in the pond, whose ripples of kindness spread far.  Better yet, be the rock tossed in that causes a tidal wave of kindness. 

If someone treats you harshly, try not to let it effect you.  Let it be like water off a duck's back.

Once again, SMILE, hold a door open for someone.  If they only have a few items, let them in front of you in the line at the grocery store.  A few minutes won't kill you.

Finally, in the words of Bill from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, "Be excellent to each other."

And of course Ted has an excellent point as well.... "Party on dudes!"

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  1. "Be excellent to each other."

    Truer words were never spoken. Of course, the source is suspect... ;)