Sunday, September 25, 2011

Have Computer, Will Blog...

I spent all day Friday working on computers.  I tried to fix the computer my brother brought over, but I had no luck.  I eventually decided to try to fix my "newest" old computer.  Well, I was going to document what happened when I booted it up, so I could research the problem.  Well, lo and behold it booted up.  So I was happy until it shut itself off.  It did this several times, and I thought it must be a heat problem.  So I got online and, it was indeed a heat problem with this particular computer model.  It has a CPU fan, and a power supply fan, but no case fan.

I did a bit a research, and eventually found a bios update that speeds up the CPU fan.  HUZZAH!  That solved the problem.  Eventually, I plan on adding a new fan to the computer to help with the heat, but that's a future project.  So good bye Frankenstein machine, you're going back to the minor league, i.e. being a back-up machine.  Of course I can't recover any of my old files, but that's okay.  No big deal, I'll just rewrite what I can remember.

The techs at Best Buy said the machine probably wasn't worth trying to fix.  So that's a big thumbs down to them.  That's where I bought the machine, and they should know about issues with any machine they've sold in the past.  My next computer is going to be one I've built myself.  This way I will know it frontwards and backwards, from the hardware to the software, and it will be cool.  ( Pun intended... )

I've installed firefox, and that seems to have solved my blogger problems.  Much happiness ensues!

I'm trying a new ISP, and I was hoping I would have a little better bandwidth, but the supposed "high speed", isn't so high.  Oh well.  I've been using AOL, I know...meh, but it's a budget consideration.  Unfortunately, I spent most of yesterday trying to get AOL installed with NO LUCK.  So I decided to try Netzero.  At first it seemed SLOWER, but now it seems to be okay.  I may see if I can get a reasonably priced DSL service with the phone company.

Al in all, it's been a fairly productive couple of days.  My best computer is fixed, and blogging issues are no longer issues.  Plus, when I'm REALLY BORED I can play browser games.  The next thing is to climb a bit higher on the bandwidth ladder.

I think I've gained a few points in my Computer Tech skill.

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