Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[ blogging ] Problems Leaving Comments and Other Topics!

For a week or so now, I can't seem to leave comments.  I get the, "You can't access this page, with this account." message.  I try to sign out and back in, but that doesn't help.  I can't even leave comments on my own blogs!!!  It's becoming very frustrating.  So please understand I am not ignoring your comments.

I've got a somewhat new computer, ( newer than this one ), but I get the accursed, boot drive error, or something to that effect, when I turn it on.  I can access Bios, but that's about it.  I'm going to do a bit of research, and hopefully get it up and running.  Hopefully, at the vary least I can reformat the HD.

When my brother brought over the computer this evening, he also brought over the rest of the Mage Knight Miniatures.  Good grief.  There's a gazillion.  He said sort them out...  Well, I hope I've over estimated how many there are.  I don't relish the ponderous task of inventorying a few thousand minis.

Some of the sculpts of the Mage Knight figures are awesome, others not so much.  The scale can be a bit wonky, but it isn't too bad.  Some of the golems seem a bit steam punkish, so I would have to come up with appropriate rules for use with Rolemaster, but that shouldn't be too difficult.  I want a mechanical failure critical chart.  After a mechanical golem receives a certain amount of damage, a roll is made.  The result could be anything from the golems movement rate is decreased, to a catastrophic explosion, with shrapnel flying everywhere!

If you're following my Kinship Project, you ( hopefully ) read yesterday's post.  I was really tired when I wrote it, and I'm not too happy with it.  I plan on reworking it.  Also, spellcheck wasn't working, at least for me on this computer, and it still isn't.

All for now!  Happy gaming!


  1. There was one thing that seemed to work when the commenting problem was big some months back. You needed to uncheck the box on the login page which says something like 'Keep me signed in'. I hope that works.

    Kinship is great fun, and I'm glad you're working on it. As for the editing, it's natural that things can be tightened up on a second or third pass, but that can be enjoyable in itself.

  2. What browser are you using? I was using IE but I couldn't see my followers, couldn't leave comments, all sorts of problems. I now view my blog in Firefox and there are no problems. So that might be the source of your troubles.

  3. Testing...testing.... ah hah! It's working now. Thanks Porky. Now I need to get the new computer working, and Firefox installed so I can see my Followers.