Wednesday, May 18, 2011

blogger ate my baby!

Okay, not really, but I got online last week, or whenever the blogger crash occurred, to write a post, and discovered that I wouldn't be writing anything that night.  Needless to say, I've been a bit leery, but decided to give it a shot tonight.

I watched Thor last week, and I have to say it's now my favorite of all the Marvel Comic movies.  It truly was awesome!  I tried to find something wrong with it, but... nope.  I don't think it was perfect, but it was close.  The reason I mention Thor was because it brought up an old gaming memory...

Quite a few years ago, a close friend and I were trying to get a new gaming group together.  His wife was acquainted with some gamers, and so we thought about asking them.  Now it was a married couple, who had what I like to call an ABS ( Alternate Belief System ), i.e. they worshiped the Norse Gods, and to be more specific, Thor.  I kid you not.  Now this didn't really bother me, in fact I had many friends who were Wiccans, pagan, and what-have-you.  No biggie... I don't judge.

So a couple of weeks go by, and I ask my friend if he has talked to them.  Well, he kind of shrugs, and tells me a quite a tale.

Apparently the husband, who it turns out had a history of not-so-good mental health, killed his wife.  He had actually reported her missing, and they found her car near San Antonio, or somewhere in Texas.  My memory is a bit fuzzy.  A detective actually interviews the husband, and confronts him, and flat out accuses him of killing his wife.  The guy then throws up.  Anyway, it turns out that the whole time the detective was there, the wife's body was hidden in a closet.  ( He had a friend follow him to where he left his wife's car. ) To avoid the legal system, the guy soon checks himself into a mental institution, and I don't think he was ever prosecuted.

All in all, I'm glad we never gamed with them.  In retrospect, I'm thinking it would have been a bad idea, a very bad idea.

Then there was the time I helped someone move out of there apartment because their roommate had built an alter to Satan in their bedroom, but that's a story for another time.

Oh and here's a cool photo I found...
According to the website where I found this photo, all the helmets and other discarded items were buried.  I wonder why they didn't recycle them?


  1. I don't know either but the Irish Army in the 1950s wore something very similar.

  2. After putting up with a lot of BS from a player, I finally booted him and instituted a "YOU MUST BE COOL!" rule at my table. If my gamer friends would be incapable of mixing with my non-gamer friends do to freakish social awkwardness or wacky beliefs, they are banned from the table. I just want to hang out with mellow, friendly people who don't cause hassles....or have altars to Satan in their bedroom. ;)

  3. I gamed with 'friends of friends' once when I was desperate for some role-playing. It was also with a married couple. They were wearing robes and I am pretty sure nothing underneath. I generally don't have any problems with people that want to costume out while gaming, but we were playing Battletech.
    Ok, that last bit wasn't true, but me and the guy I went with decided we were not going back. Later on (only about a year) they get busted giving alcohol to minors and all sorts of shady pervy stuff for which they ended up doing jail time.

  4. @A.Lurker - I'm wondering if the Irish Army bought the helmets from Germany? 1950 is only a few years after WW2.

    @Christian - Yeah, sounds like a good rule. A good group is difficult to find.

    @RR - Wait...WHAT!?!? They weren't really naked under the robes, or you weren't really playing Battletech? Of course now I'm intrigued... Naked Battletech would be interesting with the right people... or maybe Strip Battletech? Of course the right people being nubile, young women... Hey, I can dream can't I? ;)~

  5. If you find naked nubile women willing to play Battletech, well...then I guess *I* end up being the pervy guy. Maybe if it was 15 years ago...
    (Hell, forget naked women; I'd be happy to find a local group of people playing Battletech.)

    No, the Battletech part was not real, I just thought that would be funny if people dressed up in attire completely unrelated to the game being played. They were wearing robes, and it did not appear that they were wearing shirts or pants, but they could have been wearing underwear.

    We were playing AD&D in a world of their design. I have to admit they had a detailed set-up and an eclectic bunch of players there, but the vibe was just too weird. Plus, I *hate* when there are two DMs. Personal opinion.