Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not so strange changes...

Well, since I've started blogging again I decided to do a little house cleaning.  I changed the "Featured Blog" link on the sidebar to "Mystery Blog".  The "Mystery Blog" will not always be a gaming blog, but hopefully something a gamer will find useful, or at least interesting.  I actually may change it to "Mystery Link", but I guess what I finally decide to do will remain a mystery for now.

I've also changed the blog title graphic, but I'm not sure I'm going to keep it this way.  Need to do some thinking on the masthead because I'm not sure what I want.

One day in and I've gained ( or regained? ) a follower.  There was much rejoicing...

Woo Hooooooooooooo!

A while back I wrote about creating some maps for Tim Kask.  Well, a few weeks ago I received my contributors copy of the module he created for GenCon!  This is what inspired and motivated me to get busy again.
Okay, enough for now.  I hope everyone has had, or will get the chance to game this weekend.  Remember, keep rolling those dice!


  1. Nice, man. That will be a treasured possession no doubt!

  2. Yes, I read where one sold at a GenCon auction for $30. There's only 30 copies, and I plan on hanging on to mine. I'm hoping this will lead to some actual paid work...