Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lamentations of a Frustrated Gamer

No, I'm not poking fun at James Raggi.  The name of his game inspired the title of this post.  That's all...

I live in a fair sized city, a suburb of Dallas, and what really irks me is that there is not one FLGS, not even a comic shop here! At least that I know of...  maybe one has opened, and I just don't know it.  We used to have a Lone Star Comics, but it closed a few years ago due to the failing economy I guess. Other stores in the chain are still open, but I want one here in this city. Sure the Barnes & Noble at the local mall carry some games, but certainly not any of the esoteric board or miniature games! And it certainly doesn't carry a wide variety of role playing games!

Sure, I could order online, but there's nothing like going to the local gaming store, and browsing the shelves, looking at miniatures, and if the store has a gaming area, watching people play, or even getting into a game. Ahh... I miss the good old days.

If I had the resources I would open a proper game store, but that's not likely to happen anytime soon, unless I happen to hit the Lotto. However, there's a greater chance of Taimat flying out of the sky and landing in the front yard, than me striking it rich through the lottery.

I had lunch with an old friend last week, and I mentioned that I was getting the gaming bug again. He perked up, and asked what I would run, and I mentioned AD&D 1E. ( Of course I'm also considering Labyrinth Lord. )  He said that might be interesting. So I have at least one player, two if his son is interested in playing. The only drawback is that he lives about an hour or so away on the other side of Dallas, and due to financial constraints I sold my truck. I'm shooting to start this campaign next spring.

Of course I would really like to PLAY in a RPG campaign.  Sometime, somewhere...  Have dice, will travel!

The Book Quest continues...
Back in May, I wrote a post about buying gaming books off eBay. Well, the AD&D 1E DMG I bought was in really sorry shape. I think I can clean it up some, but I think I'll just keep looking for one at the Half Priced Books for a better copy. I'm really leery of eBay now, but I'll probably still use it some.

Filling the Sandbox
I was up early this morning, and decided to start on my new fantasy sandbox. I wasn't really feeling that inspired so I just decided to start mapping an abandoned dwarven outpost. One that was still in the early stages of construction when it was abandoned. Fairly simple, just a couple of caverns, and a few rooms the dwarves have carved out. A lot of unfinished tunnels, and dead ends.  There's also a "bottomless pit"...

Why was it abandoned? Frak... I have no idea. I'm still working on the map, but I imagine it was probably abandoned due to a number of reasons. The major one being that it just wasn't a rich mining spot, sure there was plenty of stone and rock, but no precious metals or gems. The two things dwarves covet the most.

Mainly, this is a project to get me started and to get the creative juices flowing once again. After I finish Stonethorn Outpost, I'll take a more structured approach to creating this new fantasy sandbox. If I get tired of working on it, I can always design a module for another game. Switching genres always seem to help when the creative well runs dry.

All for now... keep those swords sharp, and your mind sharper.


  1. Surely there's a store in the Dallas area though? Just not one in your 'burb?

  2. Oh yes, there are plenty of comic book stores that carry games, but not that many gaming stores. I need to check I guess. They just won't be as convenient for me, since I am now without transportation. There was a Games Workshop store in Grapevine Mills Mall, or at least there used to be one there. Anyway, I really need to check out the game store situation.

  3. Not familiar with either. Plus, I'm using dial up, and not high speed. My band width sucks to put it mildly. ( Yet another money saving measure. ) I think I may try to run a play by post or a Pbem type of game, maybe a combo of both? I'm thinking a LL and/or Mutant Futures game.