Monday, November 12, 2012

Busy, busy, busy... and then OUCH.

So you can gather from the post title that I've been busy.  I was trying to organize the garage and make space for some gaming.  I was so busy that Sunday my back was messed up yet again, and I was wiped out.  I've had trouble with my back for a while now, and finally I had an MRI done the same time they did one for the cyst.  I was diagnosed with degenerative spinal stenosis.  The PA said that they would reevaluate it in a year.  MEH.

I can work for a couple of days, maybe two, but then I'm usually on my back for at least 12 hours, or longer.  Even after I can get up, I'm usually still slow, weak, and limpy.  Not a great feeling.  Anyway, I've been resting for a couple of days, and trying to decide what to do next.  I need to get back to work, but if I find steady work, then I usually only last a few days.  The employer really doesn't like it when a new employee calls in sick the first week.  Even if it's a temp job.

So I plan on looking again, and hopefully I can find something not too strenuous, but in this economy I don't have much hope.

I probably won't be posting much what with the holidays coming up, and job hunting, but when I can find the time I will post something.  I have plenty of Kinship stories brewing in my head.  I'm also working on a book about miniature war games.  It's going to be a comprehensive look at the hobby, and will hopefully cover every rule set published.  Which is kind of daunting.  I just started compiling a list of rule sets, and I'm up to 28.  This doesn't include any historical miniature rules. 

I'll primarily be discussing this project on my miniatures blog, the Mayhem of Miniatures.  There's a link to it on the left sidebar.  I plan on covering EVERYTHING, even fan-created rules, so if you know of a certain rule set, I would appreciate hearing about it.  I'll be creating a page soon, listing the rule sets I know about.  It will be interesting to find out how many there are exactly.

I have other projects in mind as well, but if I say too much I usually end up jinxing myself.

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