Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Treasure Chest

One thing I like about the Internet is it's seemingly endless supply of inspirational, educational, and at times entertaining content.  It's like a treasure chest ( to use a gaming metaphor ), when you "open' it, you never know what you may find.  Occasionally it will be empty, sometimes it's trapped, but most of the time you find some really cool stuff.

Over at Tower of the Archmage, there's a contest.  It requires some participation and effort, but the prize is a nice piece of terrain.

Loviatar #5 is out.  Christian has published another great issue.  If you don't know about Loviatar go check it out here.  Well worth the $3!

I've been exploring different miniature war gaming rule sets, and I recently discovered Death Squads.  It's a fan created rule-set inspired by Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K, but it's for skirmish level battles. I've been skimming the rules, and so far I like what they've done.  Designed to be used with your Game Workshop miniatures, it would be a nice break when you get tired of playing 40K.  Of course you can create your squad using other miniatures, and many players are doing just that.  From what I read , you can keep the same squad from battle to battle, and they can gain experience, squad members die, new equipment purchased., etc.  This is very similar to Necromunda, and it's an aspect of the game I like.  Of course if things really go south on you during a game you can always disband your squad, and start over.  The best thing is that you can download the rules for free.

Even if you're not into war gaming, the Death Squad forum has some great info on miniature painting and terrain building.  I really like to see other people's work, and there's some great stuff at Death Squad.

The treasure chest is empty, bag it up, and move out!  Some bugbears are coming down the hall, and they're out for blood!

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