Sunday, November 27, 2011

Great Eye of Fire!

Don't draw the ire of the great eye of fire!
I've always been intrigued with the elemental planes.  What sort of creatures, ( aside from the standard elementals of course ), reside in such inhospitable places?  The illustration above is an experiment to create one such creature, the Great Eye of Fire.  Is it intelligent?  A servant of some powerful, fiery denizen of the Elemental Plane of Fire?  Constantly on the prowl, soaring above vast seas of lava, searching for intruders to it's master domain.

I like how the illustration came out, except for the "pupil".  I need to work on that.  I thought about not adding a "pupil", but it needed something.  Otherwise it just looks like a giant fireball, and the pupil really helps with the whole giant eye of fire concept.

Next thing to do is work up a stat block.

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