Sunday, August 28, 2011

[ Kinship ] The Quiet Times Are The Worst.

Jiosh paced back an forth along the ledge of the clock tower and looked down Main Street.  It had been, what... days, weeks since anything had happened?  The boredom was killing him.  He needed action, a zombie attack or something...
I've had a busy couple of weeks.  I needed to complete some community service hours, 36 to be exact, and I needed them done ASAP.  It's NOT because I procrastinated, but because there was a breakdown in communications with the nonprofit agency.  So I had to email a different contact, and made arrangements.

So to make this short story a little longer, I finished the hours over the course of two weeks.  After the first day, I intended to go back the next day, but I couldn't walk.  I had strained my ankle or something, and had to ice it down most of the night.  After a day of rest it didn't hurt anymore so I managed to go back, and managed to finish the week, albeit a little behind schedule.  No worries , still had plenty of time, until I remembered I had jury duty!  So I crammed in the rest of my hours last week, and I have jury duty tomorrow.

Working with the nonprofit agency wasn't that bad, but it was HOT.  I did a lot of grunt work, cleaning, and cooking.  The kitchen was actually cooler than anywhere else!  It is a worthy cause, and I will probably go back to volunteer again, but not for a while.  It's too hot.  I actually worked more hours than I needed to, mainly because I was already there, and they needed the help.

Needless to say, after riding the bus and train to get there and back, and the six to seven hours I put in, I was exhausted when I got home.  So I didn't get any blogging, or any other writing done.  The work on Kinship has come to a stop, but I hope to get started again soon.

I've been called to jury duty three times before, and I've been picked all three times, and all three times it's gone to trial.  So the odds have to be against me getting picked for a fourth time.  Right? Really, where's Spock when you need him?

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