Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[ Ideas ] The Trouble With Ideas...

I'm a very creative person.  I live to create.  Whether it's drawing a cartoon, writing, making a sculpture, or even painting a miniature, it's what I most enjoy doing.  Part of creating is coming up with ideas, and that's a problem.  It seems at times I have too many.  For instance, I've been working on Kinship quite a bit, ( well mainly learning how to use Open Office to create the PDF ),  and while writing or brainstorming, an idea will pop into my head that might not work for Kinship, but would work great for something else.
It seems it's either feast or famine, and I really don't want any of my ideas to rot on the vine.  Part of the problem is that it does take time to capture those ideas, and store them safely, back them up etc.  I really like using a computer, but I've had bad luck lately with hard drives.  I also find I'm more productive with my writing if I use the computer.  Handwriting, or using a typewriter, never seemed to work for me.  Anyone remember those, or even still have one?

Now that I think about it, I really want to try that program that types out automatically into the computer word processor whatever you speak into the microphone. I wonder what that would do to my productivity?

I have to be meticulous about back ups, and make back ups of back ups.   I've lost quite a bit of some of my writings in the past year, and yes, I had back ups, but I lost those also due to corrupted files.  It's annoying.  That's why I started making back ups of back ups.  I need a better system I guess.

Another problem is that once I get an idea I want to work on it, try to "flesh it out", whether or not it's a good idea.  This is the problem with having too many ideas, I don't want to get distracted.  I want to finish one thing before starting on another.  However, sometimes it's good to have multiple projects going.  When you hit a wall, taking a break to work on something else helps to "break the wall down".

I think tomorrow I'm going to write a post about a magical Quonset hut, and yes it's in the Town of Kinship.

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  1. That is bad luck on losing those! I guess I've been lucky. I probably don't backup stuff as much as I should.