Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again...

Okay, my blog-writing hiatus is over, and I'm back in the saddle again.  I had intended to start writing again a couple of weeks ago, but the longer I waited the more difficult it seemed to start writing again.  Actually, I don't think I was quite ready yet.  I had wanted to start again on the one year anniversary of this blog, but I just wasn't ready.

On the gaming front, I've actually acquired more gaming books this year than the previous ten years!  I've re-acquired most of my Rolemaster books that I had sold a few years back.  Recently I found a copy of the D&D Hollow World  DM's Sourcebook at a local thrift store.  It was only 49 cents, so even if I only use a map or two for my "patchwork quilt" fantasy sandbox campaign, it was a worthwhile purchase.  I haven't researched it yet, but I'm sure it was part of a boxed set.  I also recently purchased Dungeonland ( EX1 ) AD&D Fantasy Adventure Module, by E. Gary Gygax, and wasn't that impressed by it.  Thankfully it was only $2.75.  The cover is well worn, but the inside is in good shape.  Maybe I'll put it up for trade on the Scavenger's Depot.

I recently met Badmike, one of the organizers of the North Texas RPG, Convention at Half Price Books, and OSR blogger, ( "A Troll Ate My Homework" ).  It was  kind of a fluke.  I was wandering around browsing for books, and he was talking to the clerk.  He had a NTRPG con flyer in his hand, and I overheard him introduce himself to the clerk.  I have corresponded a bit with Mike via email, and I waited for a pause and introduced myself.  We chatted for a bit, and he asked if I was going to attend NTRPG Con.  I told him I was going to try.  If you live in the North Texas area, or even if you don't, check out their website.  There's a banner on my sidebar that links to NTRPG Con website.  Plenty of great OSR personalities are going to be there running games, and giving workshops, panels, etc.

It's funny how I gained a few followers during my hiatus.  I've noticed other bloggers mention the same thing.  Kind of strange, or maybe not.  I often start following blogs that have been inactive for a while on the off chance the blogger starts writing again.  I don't think I lost any followers, but I wasn't really keeping track.  I'm over 50 followers so I'm happy with that. 
During the last two and a half months I haven't followed the gaming blogosphere as closely as I normally do, and I wonder what I've missed.  I know there was some kind of A to Z blogging challenge for the month of April.  I also know that I missed submitting something for the one-page dungeon contest.  I guess there's always next year...

I wanted to thank everyone who commented and sent me emails for their kind words, and support.  The loss of my sister hit me hard, and I'm still dealing with it.  I know she would want me to be happy, and so I must get on with my life.  Of course I'll never forget her, and she's always in my heart.


  1. Welcome back from me too!

    Lots must have happened, but darned if I know what. The A to Z is running till the end of next week. You missed the discovery Johnathan Bingham was a hot elf chick. That was big..!


    Here's the context:


  2. I hope you can make it to NTRPG con! It was great to meet you at HPB the other day, funny how small a world it is.

  3. I had forgotten about Hollow Earth. Not my cup of tea. Also, it is nice to see you are not cursed with OMG GYGAX THIS HAS TO BE AWESOME disease.

    Maybe I should try disappearing to get more viewers, if this is some sort of trend! Welcome back.

  4. A very welcome back indeed.

    Sorry you had to go through the dark times, dude.